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Listen Up!

I love music.  You can look at my playlists and see that I love music.  I love different types of music.  But music is not always what I need.  To the rescue came podcasts.  I started out looking for podcasts hosted by brown girls, simply because I am one.  Then I started branching out and one of those branches have also led me to an author and I'm excited to read her book.  So, here's what I am listening to.

Therapy for Black Girls
A Date With Darkness Podcast
Avalaura Heal My Life Podcast
Tasia Talks
Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

Not every episode resonates with me, simply because of the season I'm in right now.  However, it is great to know that I can go back and listen to stuff when the time comes.

Therapy for Black Girls with Dr. Joy is amazing!  It hits on so many different topics and she has wonderful guests.  My favorite thing about this podcasts is that it doesn't shy away from mental health issues.  Grant it "therapy" is in the titl…
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Enneagram Type

Recently, I've fallen in love with podcasts.  Google Play and Spotify have been helping me with this.  Eventually, I'll do a dedicated post for podcasts, but right now, I'm going somewhere else. 

Two of the podcasts I listen to (Dateology and Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson) had mentioned Enneagram types.  I totally accept that I'm a bit of a weirdo and that meant I was absolutely intrigued. In other words, I took the test

I am Enneagram Type 6w5.  Here are some traits that go with this type. 

Personality Type

seek support and guidancebe hard-working and intellectualfear losing their stabilityproject their feelings onto othersthink logically and analytically I am here for all of these except projecting my feelings.  I'm an introvert and I tend to shut down.  Not trying to be rude, but sometimes I'm just not cool with being around people.  At the time this post is being written, I've been out two weekends in a row.  Next weekend, I'm going into hid…


Ayesha Curry has been the talk of all the innanets for about two weeks now.  I'm not going to dwell on this because I have other things to discuss.  However, I will say that I wished she would have kept that in a private family conversation.  Just because you are in the light doesn't mean it all has to be in the light.  Also, I get it.  We all want to feel wanted.  Even the people clowning on her want to be wanted.  But go on ahead and continue to go off about her living a lavish life when you cannot figure out how to live your best one.  Moving on...

I didn't do my first Wednesday post this month.  Yall are just going to be hearing from me once in May.  But, I try to be as transparent as I am comfy with.  So, without telling too much, let's just say the end of April and the first 12 days of May have been a horrible hell that I didn't even know could exist.  However, I'm moving along and still standing. Let's be real - anxiety is a real piece of work!



Disclaimer: I will be mentioning my Christianity.  It's not the full topic of conversation, but it will be in here in a few spots.  Proceed with caution.  

"He has kids because God knew when you met him, you wouldn't act right."
This isn't the first time this has been said to me.  Well, not in these words.  It's always something and then you wouldn't act right.  Now the first time this was said to me, I got a bit spicy.  As it has been a continued phrase in my life, I honestly haven't paid it that much attention.  Why?  I know my relationship with myself and I know my relationship with Christ.  So, I did tell you that religion was not going to be a big thing in here, so I won't drop scripture on you.  However, we are going to have a little chat about energy. 

I've been extremely in tune with myself lately.  I've accepted a few things about myself...

I'm an empath I'm healing I'm on a path of discovery
Did you noticed how I took…

Many Years of Thursdays

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

I had a blog post ready to type.  I was going to tell you about my birthday month and all the fun I had during March celebrating with family and friends.  And then, Thursday, March 28 happened and Grey's Anatomy hit me with Episode 19 of Season 15 titled Silent All These Years.  As hard as it was for me to admit my story, when I posted tweets about being triggered and the experience, I finally typed WE instead of simply saying you.  

I along with many people were triggered by that episode that night.  Quite frankly, it's hard for me to write this post, but I'm going to push through.  

My typical Thursday looks like this - work, workout, do a devotion/bible study, eat, shower.  At 8pm EST, I am only communicating via Twitter because I'm going all the way in with the live tweets and enjoying my time with the Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 viewers.  It's part of my boundary that I am strongly holding on to this year.  However, that part…

The Sound of My Voice

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Tasia Talks podcast.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience, not because it was something I always wanted to do, but because it was something so out of my comfort zone.  

I decided this year to that I wanted to do some different things and being on a podcast was one of them.  It just so happened that I had the pleasure of being introduced to a host and we instantly clicked.  It was liked everything aligned and I am forever thankful for that moment.  

The podcast episode was titled Mental Awareness in the Black Community.  There was a couple of reasons this was outside of my comfort zone...I'm an introvert, this is still a rather taboo subject to talk about, and I have never really been a fan of hearing my own voice.  

However, here is what being a guest on a podcast taught me - I have a voice!!!  I have a solid voice.  I have things that are in my mind and heart that need to be said.  I have things that I care deeply …

BoPo 5-Oh!

Typically, I'm really good about saving posts when they give me inspiration for a post.  But I have a feeling that I just didn't save what I thought I saved. UGH!!!  In other words, we're going off memory, folks.

It was sometime in the first week of January that someone went all the way off on people and called them the Body Positive Police.  Oh, I laughed.  There was so much truth in the statement that I couldn't help but laugh.  Long story short, this person said the body positive movement was nothing but a joke if you didn't include every body.  She is right!!!

Keep in mind I said this took place the first week of January aka New Year's Resolution time.  People want to lose weight, cool.  I've lost just over 50 pounds.  I'm still plus size.  So am I not body positive because I wanted to lose weight?

Is Tess Holliday body positive being a plus model without the acceptable plus model body?  I think she is, but a lot of you call her names and say she…