Friday, September 8, 2017

September Madness

I knew September was going to be busy, but snapity snaps!!!  In saying that, I'm taking another break because I am working on another project and I'm also actually preparing for my first year of doing blogmas!  However, make sure you keep track of my life Instagram because this month also brings the end of #100HappyDays!  

So, this is going to be the last time you hear from me until October.  I'm going to miss each of you, but use this time to catch up on my posts.  Also, I sort of want to do an Ask Shayla post in October so please comment with some questions you want answered!!!  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tik to the toc

The one thing about life is that it is constantly changing.  Seasons change.  Jobs change.  Cost of living changes.  Your circle changes.  Relationships change.  Change is just an part of life that is always going to be around.  

Let me tell you what else is also changing - this blog!  Even though I have been blogging for almost 5 years, I still consider this blog in its baby stages.  When I first started, I didn't really blog a lot.  I basically just blogged when I felt like it and that meant I would go for months without posting a single thing.  Then as time went along, I started to get more involved in social media and there were (still is) some great bloggers (well, a lot of authors) on there that were so motivating and wonderful.  That helped me find my stride in this blog.  Then I'm not sure what happened last year, but I think it was sometime in October that I had written my 100th post of 2016.  I had a dream of doing that again this year, but I also realized that same intensity from last year might not survive all of 2017.  That is when I took a look at some bloggers I admire and I discovered this one thing - they had a schedule.  I've been on a schedule since April of this year and I have been really happy with the days I posted and not feeling as torn up when I take breaks.  

There were some things I wanted to do in my blog this year and as we approach September, I realize that I'm ok with not getting everything done.  Why?  Well, I would rather have this thing evolve than for me to stay constant and you getting tired of what I am doing.  
With that being said - something new is coming!!!  I haven't finalized this yet, but I'm really looking forward to collaborating with a really great person for this new task.  Of course, I'll let you know by keeping you updated on social media.  All I know is that change is coming and I'm hoping that it is going to be really great!  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Rules of...

Since my blogging break, I've been more in tune to the madness going on in the blogging world.  I just keep to myself, like I do in my personal life, but I pay attention to a lot of stuff.  And with all the madness, I've seen just as much support.  Oh man, what a great community to be part of.  Just like a family, the blogging world can have its moments and also like family, there are some bloggers who I just don't rock with.  But I will ALWAYS be respectful and I hope they know that.  No name calling, no hurt, just the right amount of space to keep the peace.  

Also since my blogging break, I've been noticing bloggers doing different things!  People have been so helpful - giving post ideas, writing out rules, and just being super supportive.  One thing I noticed is that people have been saying that blogging has no rules.  I have this one thing to say about that...


Blogging has absolutely no rules!!!  I have to say I wasn't a believer in this until I tried it out myself a couple of days ago.  I have a blogging schedule.  It just helps to keep me on track.  I post Sunday (which is what you're reading), Tuesday, and Friday.  The posts go live at 9am EST and I have found that to work for me so that my wonderful UK readers can read during the day!  Well, Friday, I changed it up.  

Friday, I posted from 9am to 4pm (yep, EST) on my instagram page.  Each hour, a new photo went up and that was how I blogged on Friday.  I absolutely enjoyed it.  I think I may incorporate that into my blog once a month...but I'll see how I feel about that because that was a lot of work!  

But what I learned from my own experience was this - it was fun!!!  So bloggers, just enjoy being a blogger.  No matter what form (or forms) you choose to express your blog, just have a good time with it and let it be all you.  Don't change for anyone and in all that you do, just make sure to be your best self.