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Summer Summer Summertime!

Ok, divas, summer is almost here and if you live in the south (like me), it is safe to say it has already arrived.  Summer is known for showing off those fabulous tan lines and whatever else you wish to share with the world.  However, to my plus divas, it is important that we dress appropriately and wear things that flatter our beautiful, thick bodies.  

I'm sure we have all heard this, but yes, round is also a shape.  However, that does not mean that you can wear everything that you see in the magazines and on other people.  For those people that really know me, they know I will say quickly that everything that looks good on a page or in a store window will not look good on my body!  If you were honest with yourself, the same would be true for you.  

Now, I'm not going to slam anybody because I don't know your financial situation towards your clothes and you also have another opinion than mine.  However, what I am going to say is that I saw an outfit today that should have never been worn.  Even my coworker made a comment and since he is great about giving me the male opinion, I trust his judgment.  So, ladies, here are some tips from me to you to help you get through the summer.  These are not in any particular order and each will be explained.  Just follow me, please.  I promise not to leave you confused.  

When you go to a store, please take the time to try on your clothes.  Also, if you can, take a trusted friend with you.  Why did I specify trusted?  Well, females can be dirty and the wrong one will tell you the outfit looks great on you when in reality, she wants you to look bad so she can look better.  Also, be mindful if said friend wants to buy the same outfit as you at the same time.  She may be trying to prove she looks better in it than you.  In this day and age, a simply selfie mirror pic will also do.  However, make sure the trusted friend is prepared to get your photo.  Since I live in a new place and not really into taking people shopping with me down here yet, I have to use the photo thing.  I let my friend know it is coming.  However, if you cannot bring someone or have someone to send a photo too, do not be ashamed to ask another person in the store.  However, use the associates as a last resort.  They are there to help their store make a profit, not help you feel better about yourself.  You will find that total strangers are not shy about being honest with you because there is a low chance you will run into them again on another shopping trip.  Also, if you shop clearance (like me), it is essential to try on clothes because some retailers have a no return policy on those items.  

When you get home, try on the clothes again.  You will find that the light in your place and the natural light from outside will make that outfit look totally different on you.  I know it sounds weird, but it is a fact.  If you feel iffy about an item, take it back.  If it was a clearance item and you are not able to return it, you might have to try to make a sale on ebay, on another site, or be generous and give it as a donation to someone or to a charity.  

Make sure your shorts fit your body.  Personally, in the last 11 years, I have owned one pair of shorts.  I know that I do not have the thighs for them.  My legs (currently) are much better suited for capris and bermuda shorts.  Know your truth!  You know what your legs look like and what looks right on them.  

We clothes that fit your body type.  Believe me when I tell you, they make tanks, tees, pants, shorts, and skirts for each body type.  We as consumers need to start taking the time to know what we can and cannot wear for our body type.  We are constantly feeding into the buying frenzy of having the latest style when in fact, the latest trend may look like the latest bust on you.  Create your own style with what looks best on you and you will get so many compliments, you would not believe it.  

Wear clothing that makes you feel confident.  If that is a mini skirt, go for it.  Maxi dress?  Who am I to argue.  I know it's the summer and I live in the south, but I feel most comfortable and confident in a pair of jeans and a cute top or either a mini skirt and a cute top?  Those bottoms make me feel confident because I'm not showing off my thighs and I am a bit self-conscious (yes, I'm woman enough to admit that) about my thighs.  Any chance I get to cover those, I take them.  Maxi dresses, jeans, skirts, that's all me.  Maybe one day in the next 11 years, I'll get brave and put on a pair or shorts (other than my bathing suit bottoms), but it is not happening right now.  

Bathing suits - make sure you pick the right one.  Personally, I am a fan of the tankini.  I've been wearing them for years.  However, if you are heavier up top (like me) you may want to consider not getting the halter.  I found it harder to wear because it was puling on my neck.  I have found that shoulder straps work best for me.  On the other hand, if you can wear the halter, go for it!  

Wear some color! I know everyone looks good in black and it is considered a slimming color, but there are beautiful colors in the rainbow that deserve our attention.  I am a fan of bright colors.  Use those colors to your advantage and accessorize like no other!  Also, if you are comfortable with it, learn to be ok with not matching.  You will be amazed at what color combos are pretty together and what you can do once you get away from the status quo.  

As my final tip of this post, please remember to keep the V area (I call mine the goddess - see The Magic Touch) covered.  No one wants to see that.  Besides, guys like a little mystery.  Some of them may be dogs, but even dogs are picky.  Also, the type of attention that you are going to get is probably not the type of attention you wanted.  Just a thought.  Now, I have no problem showing a little chest, but don't go to the extreme.  Flattering tops are always in style, but you do not have to overly expose yourself.  

That's all I can think of for right now.  If you have a tip you would like to add to this or elaborate on any that I have already mentioned, feel free to leave a comment!  You know that I love to hear from you.  To my fellas, if you feel comfortable, please comment and tell us fabulous plus divas what you would like to see from us this summer.  I should not even have to say this, but be nice.  Us plus beauties have feelings too, so do not leave a comment saying that you would like us to lose weight this summer.  I will comment back and you will not like what I have to say.  Mean, but true.  I will protect my fellow plus beauties because I know what's it's like to feel unprotected in this cruel world.  


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