Friday, January 23, 2015

The Goddess likes Sugar

Alright, so I think I have told you (several times), but I like to talk about just about anything in this blog.  The only thing major that I haven't talked about is sex and one day, I'm pretty sure I will get there too.  However, tonight, I am coming for something different.  

So, for the first time (not me doing it myself), I decided to let someone else make the goddess (yep, that is what my special area is called) a little more groomed.  I have never had a bikini wax in my life.  I always made the effort to shave.  Well, a few months ago, without putting you in all my business, let's just say that something caused me to change and I will shave down there no more.  Well, since I was no longer shaving and had no desire to wax (due to the horror stories I had heard), I started looking up other options.

Body Sugaring starting popping up on Google.  Luckily, I found a place in my current city that specialized in the growing trend.  I had been warned to take something for pain before arriving, so I did.  I told them this was my first time so I think they took extra care of me.  However, sugaring is sugaring and some pain must be involved.  

Now, I was more nervous about my size than the actual sugaring itself.  I just wondered how she was going to address this situation with my body.  And in the most professional way, she said, "just lift right here and hold it tight".  That was it?  Nothing mean, hurtful, or weird.  I held my tummy, we had a cool conversation about body sugaring (she was extremely knowledgeable and even gave me hints about products to use), and just like that it was over.  

All this time, I was afraid to get waxed because I wondered how someone my size would be seen, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about at all.  Such an excellent experience and I cannot wait to go back for my next appointment in about 5 weeks.  

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