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Spring is in!

Ok, ladies, it's that time of year.  Now, I know for my fellow allergy sufferers, you could probably care less about spring.  However, we all know this one fact is true - it's time for sundresses, flip flops, and cute sandals!  I would like to add something else to that list - it's time for me to show off my tattoos! 

So, let's talk about trends.  Trends are awesome.  They show you what is in style and what might look good on you.  Key word, might!  This brings me to my next topic - start your own trend.

people compliment me on two things - my makeup and my clothes.  I take risk with them both!  I absolutely love it  Now that I have taken you all over the place in these 3 short paragraphs (my frequent readers think this is normal), let's get to some tips for the spring (ok, and summer).

1 - Find the color that looks best on you and wear the hell out of it!  I don't care if that color is fluorescent green!  Wear that color and wear is proudly!  Do you know how rare…