Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring is in!

Ok, ladies, it's that time of year.  Now, I know for my fellow allergy sufferers, you could probably care less about spring.  However, we all know this one fact is true - it's time for sundresses, flip flops, and cute sandals!  I would like to add something else to that list - it's time for me to show off my tattoos! 

So, let's talk about trends.  Trends are awesome.  They show you what is in style and what might look good on you.  Key word, might!  This brings me to my next topic - start your own trend.

people compliment me on two things - my makeup and my clothes.  I take risk with them both!  I absolutely love it  Now that I have taken you all over the place in these 3 short paragraphs (my frequent readers think this is normal), let's get to some tips for the spring (ok, and summer).

1 - Find the color that looks best on you and wear the hell out of it!  I don't care if that color is fluorescent green!  Wear that color and wear is proudly!  Do you know how rare it is to find a bright color that you can rock any time of year?  However, make sure you have other colors in your wardrobe that can be used as accents.  

2 - Don't be afraid to mix patterns.  Now, curvy ladies have been told that we are not supposed to wear prints or patterns.  That is absolutely false!  Step out of the black hole (see point 1).  Patterns are beautiful!  Just make sure that you find a pattern that looks great on you because not every pattern has that effect on every body.  Yes, I meant every body.  

3 - Step out of your comfort zone.  Now, it know that it seems like I am negating point 1, but I am not.  I am telling you to try something different because that color that looked horrible on you last year might be perfect on your this year.  Seasons change and so do our style.  

4 - Get rid of old clothes.  If you haven't worn it in more than a year, it's time to let it go.  Yes, things come back in style, but they come back differently.  Plus, it is a great way to either make a charitable donation or make a little extra cash.  Your old clothes can be a treasure to someone else - it is true!  I just handed off some clothes to a few people a few months ago and I love how they feel in my old clothes.  The greatest part is that it gives you a chance to reload your closet with more awesome clothes for the season.

5 - It's okay to wear short skirts, ladies. I don't know about you, but I have fabulous legs and I love it!  More important, I love to show them.  If you have those legs, show them off!  There is nothing wrong with it at all.

6 - Bathing suits: find one that properly fits.  Personally, I am a fan of the tankini.  It's a great alternative because I don't think that I look good in a one piece.  However, I know that a classic two piece is not great for me either.  Due to my chest size, I find it a lot easier to fit into a 2-strap top instead of a halter top.  I've had both and the halter did not treat me nice.  Since I'm so transparent, let's just be honest - I feel like my boobs were going to cause the halter to gag me around the back of my neck.  Yep, I was that dramatic.  However, I would have never known had I not tried it, so that is cool with me.  

7 - My final piece of advice tonight, TRY IT ON!!!  During my trip to Forever 21 a few weeks ago, I got lucky.  I found a shirt and didn't have time to try it on.  However, I was able to wear it and it looked great on me.  We don't all get that lucky.  Also, when you are trying it on, don't be shy, ask other people what they think.  That is half the fun of trying things on, getting style input from strangers.  The store associates are there to make a sale, but other people trying on clothes are probably never going to see you again and are willing to give you their honest opinion.  I helped a lady dress for her cruise a few weeks ago and I will probably never see her or even see a photo of her...EVER!  Plus, it was a really great way to talk to someone and hear a little bit of her story.  

Now that you have all of this advice, go wear some amazing clothing and take plenty of photos.  One day, someone is going to want to copy your style, but they won't be able to do it without that fabulous pic!  It's spring time.  Time for new beginnings.  I think you should start with your closet.  

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