Monday, May 11, 2015

Rocking the white - Leslie style!

I think the post I am getting ready to do tonight is a first for me!  I have had the pleasure of interviewing celebs and posting those on other sites, but I have never featured anyone in my personal blog on this page.  Now, this lady I am featuring tonight is not a celebrity, but I truly think she should be.  This was my first time meeting her and she has an absolute sweet spirit and her awesome style is second to none.  

So, why did I wait so long to do this type of feature?  Well, believe it or not, I do have a bit of a shy side.  Those of you who know me are probably laughing at that statement and saying she doesn't have a shy bone in her body.  But when it comes to this blog, I am so open and weird and honest.  I mean really, it was only a few months ago we were talking about my goddess getting "sugared" instead of waxing (which I had never tried out of fear).  

Well, can't really segway out of that so I'll just continue.  Saturday, a wonderful friend of mine had a launch party.  It was simply beautiful and and I was able to meet some wonderful people.  Now, just in case you were wondering, I'm observant when it comes to clothes because I love things that catch my eye, both positively and negatively.  However, on Saturday, this fabulous lady struck me with her boldness and her desire for fashion and it was amazing.  Immediately, I thought I had to have her in my blog and then I thought, she is breaking all the rules and looking gorgeous while doing it.

Meet the fabulous Leslie!  First of all, let's just start out by saluting the beautiful hair and makeup.  However, I really want to quickly draw your attention to the outfit!  Let's break this thing down.  Because this skirt gave me life, I have to start there first.  The skirt is white.  Now, many moons ago, I was watching an unremembered TV show and the lady on there said, "plus size women should not wear white bottoms".  First of all, I wasn't to go through the TV and ask her who gave her permission to say that, but then I thought, well maybe I am too big to wear white.  But this skirt on Leslie is just too amazing!  As you can see, it is a great length, stopping just above the knee.  Then, the texture just set it off.  Seriously, this skirt was just like BOOM because it is gorgeous and it broke the plus size rule.  But aren't rules make to be broken?  Just in case you were wondering, the skirt is from Macy's.  I had never thought about shopping at Macy's, I do believe that Leslie has changed my mind.  Let's move on to the top.  

Ok, so real talk, I am not down with floral prints like this for two reasons.  1 - there is a hint of purple and 2 - it is too many colors in one area for me.  Now, I know I am a colorful person, but I like to be in charge of the color selection.  In other words, I would rather have my bottoms and tops 2 different colors than having 3 different colors in one top.  That fact is totally different for dresses though.  I know I just probably confused you, but I digress.  Back to this top.  The white area in front flows perfectly down to the skirt.  That along made a beautiful symmetry to the outfit. The top is also long enough to cover our plus problems, but yet it is short enough to show off Leslie's gorgeous figure.  The denim jacket just adds that extra umph that this outfit is screaming.  The length is perfect for Leslie's shape and the arm length is perfect for night when there is a bit of chill in the air.  My favorite part about this jacket is that it is not a dark denim jacket.  This light blue matches perfectly.  I think if this would have been a dark blue, it would have been better with darker bottoms.  The floral print top and the denim jacket are both from Lane Bryant.  

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about those shoes.  The color is a burgundy color with a metallic toe.  Some of you may think this does not match (and you can have that opinion), but I totally think this works.  It adds a contract to an outfit that is already bright.  That darker color in the shoes brings out the darker color in the floral top.  The metallic tip is the perfect pop of bling.  

Now, I don't know if you can see it clearly, but on Leslie's left arm, there is a gorgeous pink bracelet.  What got my attention about this is that I have one, just in a light pink.  

That's Leslie's outfit in a nutshell!  How beautiful does she look?  When I saw her, I knew she had to be featured and I am so glad that she allowed me to use her beauty to be part of my blog.  Feel free to leave your comments for this beautiful woman! 

So, if you see another person or outfit, you would like for me to feature, contact me on via social media (info at the top of the site).  I cannot wait to hear from you beautiful people!    

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