Friday, August 14, 2015

The bright side

I seriously was hoping that I had a photo to share with this post (which is why I didn't write it yesterday), but that didn't happen.  So, instead, I will just share what I experienced and how much I loved it!  

I think you all know how much I love bright colors.  It's not a big secret at all.  Yes, I'm a thick girl, but my curves are wonderful and deserve to be in something other than black all the time (or any other dark color).  Well, this story happened yesterday and it simply made me smile.  

Yesterday, I decided to rock a pair of my bright pants to the office.  To be exact, the color of the pants were yellow.  I was standing in line at our little "diner" at work to get breakfast and the lady that works in the other area came over the talk to me.  She said, "When I saw the pants, I knew it had to be my girl.  You are always so bright and have a smile on your face".  Yes, she said a lot, but that made me feel so awesome.  

First, she loves the facts that I love bright colors.  Second, she has seen me enough time in the past few weeks to know that if I am not smiling, something is terribly wrong.  Here are two things I want to remind you of, plus divas - you are worthy of wearing bright colors and never let people take the smile off your face.  

To some of you, this post might not mean too much.  For some of you, this is exactly what you needed to see it today.  I hope that I have been a bright spot in your day, like her words (and my pants), were a bright spot in mine! 

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