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Battle of the...

Well, it is almost time for me to get on the scale again.  Am I looking forward to it, not really.  I know I've only been working out hard again for a month and that weight is not going to just fall off.  However, I know with working out, using my app (LoseIt),, and drinking water, the weight results will start to happen.  I am already feeling a change in my clothes, so that is perfectly fine with me.  

Here is the thing - it doesn't happen as fast for everyone.  Some people metabolize like the second hand on a clock.  For other people, it doesn't happen as quickly.  I'm on of those people.  In this journey, I have learned to stop looking at the progress of everyone else and just be concern with the strides I'm making.  

I'm healthy - other than that whole asthma thing.  I'm happy.  I have cute clothes that fit me and my style.  I have people ask me where I shop and ask me to help them find clothes.  That makes makes me feel so good.  If I can help someone el…

Hold me Tight!!!

Here lately, I've been seeing things being posted about what "big" girls should wear in the fall and winter.  Well, let me help you, it is not all sweaters and other items that look like sacks!  Plus Divas, we are a lot better than that.  Little Divas, yall are too.  Don't get me wrong, I love me a sweater on a nice cold day, but that is not going to be in my daily wardrobe.  

Why am I speaking out about this?  Well, of course I will be happy to tell you.  I had my first cool weather event over the weekend and I had an absolute blast!  Even better, I loved the outfit I selected.  Due to the weather taking a rainy turn, I had to change my entire outfit, but I was able to work something out.  

As you can see (from the smile on my face), I had a wonderful night, but I loved my outfit.  Many of you are aware of my weight loss journey, which is still going on, and you know it took me a while to wear tights.  Not because the outside world told me not to wear them, but becaus…

Tip of the Iceberg

I don't even get to watch Project Runway, but there is one person on there that has my attention.  The fabulous Ashley Nell Tipton seems to be doing amazing work this season.  Like I said, I don't get to watch, so you are probably wondering why (or how) I even know her?

Well, the Internet is a powerful and it can be used for good.  Also, I was in a conversation with some people who could not remember the name of the chick with the purple hair on the show.  

I've been looking at some of her sites and although not a fan of purple, I am feeling her hair.  More than that though, I am feeling her sense of style.  The main aspect of Ashley I absolutely love is the fact she is not afraid to wear prints.  Since I own none of her photos, I will not be posting any in this post.  In fact, I invite you to find her social networks and just take a look.  She has even made me want to take other chances.  

If anything, I have learned this from Ashley - be yourself! She looks awesome, not bec…

Be creative!

When I get the chance, I also like to dabble in my creativity.  When I go visit my parents, my mom can convince me every once in a while to make some jewelry.  While visiting last weekend, I made 10 pairs of earrings.  Now, the photo only shows a portion, but I did make 10.  I like to have unique items and my color combos, although probably not typically what the average person would put together, they seem to fit my style.  

The photo shows a combination of orange and clear, black and clear, red and gold, brown and blue, and pearl and pink, with a hint of silver.  Again, probably not something you would wear, but believe me, I can and will pull it off with one of my outfits.  
Nothing wrong with being a risk taker when it comes to style options!  

Something else I love to do - scrap booking!  I love photos.  Quite frankly, I'm a photo junkie.  I have books from vacations and from my high school years.  There will be plenty more to come.  

Another I love is my hair.  If you don't …

Definitely on Target!

So, I heard this absolutely fabulous rumor about something happening at Target (one of my favorite stores).  I had to do some research and I was sort of hurt to realize this was happening in Australia, but I have a feeling this will begin to spread.  

I want to tell Target "Thank you" for being brave enough to have plus size mannequins in a store that is usually geared towards smaller women.  Honestly, I have NEVER been able to find clothing at Target unless I was looking for something to workout in.  Why?  Because all the clothes they had to fit me were frumpy and quite frankly, looked like burlap sacks.  I won't lie, I even tried looking in the maternity section and that was definitely not a good idea.  
Now these mannequins have given me a bit of hope.  If you are going to have mannequins in that size, I have to assume more stylish clothes are coming to the plus size department in Target.  I won't be traveling to Australia any time soon (even though I would love to …

I wish I (actually) knew her

Well, this is one of these post that I wish I could have completed this morning.  For my Southeastern US readers, some of you are probably familiar with the Ace and TJ show from Charlotte, NC.  They broadcast on various stations and also on their app.  So, if you were listening this morning, you are going to know what I am talking about.  

This morning, they posed a question that went something like women are going to be mad at me because of what.  Well, some ladies wrote in and called in with some interesting things.  For instance, one lady said that women should not be firefighters.  Don't agree with what she said, but to each their own.  It was a little miss Jennifer who got me a bit annoyed.  Her comment was, "women need to learn to work out"!.  Now, in her defense, she's young (25) and she has time to workout 5 days a week and not have to go home to a husband and/or kids.  On top of that, she is a stylist and she gets to pick her on schedule.  Then there are thos…

The (non) magic number

Well, I think I told you a few weeks ago that I was ready to get back to working out.  I had maintained my size, but I can tell my clothes are fitting weirder than I would like.  Yesterday, I worked out, but I forgot to weigh myself before I went to work.  This morning, I remembered to weigh myself before I took my shower.  

My scale disrespected me this morning.  In turn, I realized that I have been disrespecting my body.  Don't get me wrong, I am still okay with my size - that number is cool.  Right now,  I am unhappy with the number on the scale.  Which means, my size will definitely change.  

Here's the problem with my size changing, when I get down to the next size my weight will take me down to, I will be at the size that got me out of control.  When I was a teen, I was that size, and it was very hard for me.  I was still growing into my body (I know that now) and I was really out of proportion.  I've told you before, I've always had boobs and bottom...but teens ca…