Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Battle of the...

Well, it is almost time for me to get on the scale again.  Am I looking forward to it, not really.  I know I've only been working out hard again for a month and that weight is not going to just fall off.  However, I know with working out, using my app (LoseIt),, and drinking water, the weight results will start to happen.  I am already feeling a change in my clothes, so that is perfectly fine with me.  

Here is the thing - it doesn't happen as fast for everyone.  Some people metabolize like the second hand on a clock.  For other people, it doesn't happen as quickly.  I'm on of those people.  In this journey, I have learned to stop looking at the progress of everyone else and just be concern with the strides I'm making.  

I'm healthy - other than that whole asthma thing.  I'm happy.  I have cute clothes that fit me and my style.  I have people ask me where I shop and ask me to help them find clothes.  That makes makes me feel so good.  If I can help someone else feel beautiful, one of my missions have been accomplished.  

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