Saturday, September 12, 2015

Be creative!

When I get the chance, I also like to dabble in my creativity.  When I go visit my parents, my mom can convince me every once in a while to make some jewelry.  While visiting last weekend, I made 10 pairs of earrings.  Now, the photo only shows a portion, but I did make 10.  I like to have unique items and my color combos, although probably not typically what the average person would put together, they seem to fit my style.  

The photo shows a combination of orange and clear, black and clear, red and gold, brown and blue, and pearl and pink, with a hint of silver.  Again, probably not something you would wear, but believe me, I can and will pull it off with one of my outfits.  

Nothing wrong with being a risk taker when it comes to style options!  

Something else I love to do - scrap booking!  I love photos.  Quite frankly, I'm a photo junkie.  I have books from vacations and from my high school years.  There will be plenty more to come.  

Another I love is my hair.  If you don't know by now, I'll let you know that I have natural hair.  I really do not even know how to describe my curl pattern other than the fact it is a perfect blend of both of my parents - mom is curly and dad is wavy.  I just know that it takes a lot for me to do my hair (double strand twists, bantu twists, or various styles).  Another thing I know...I like to wear cute things in my hair.  I buy scarves at Target.  I have also had the chance to buy some pretty scarves at consignment shops.  However, I haven't had much luck when it comes to headbands.  Quite frankly, I haven't had any luck finding any that fit my style.  Because of that, I do the next best thing...I make them!  

I've made a few for family and friends too.  These are just 2 of my creations.  Sorry if they look worn, but the fact of the matter is that I've been wearing these two for quite a while now.  I love making these and of course, I do them in various colors and gem selections.  

Like I said, I love my hair and I love wearing cute things in my hair.  The fact I get the chance to make these myself is an absolute blessing.  The fact people have asked me to make these for them mean so much.  

So, we've talked about jewelry and my hair.  Now let's talk about another accessory.  It's mainly used during the winter, but some people make a fashion statement with them any time of the year.  I love to make scarves.  

I love to crochet.  I got back into crocheting a few years ago.  I make scarves (like the one you see to your right) and the regular flat scarves more people are used to seeing.  I also dabble in making hats, but I haven't perfected that skill just yet.  

Scarves are just comfortable to me.  Not only are they comfy, they are so fashionable when put together so wonderfully with one of mine (or your) favorite outfits.  

Well, we have talked a lot about my crafts.  I bet you are wondering, why are we talking about this?  This answer is quite simple.  All of the things I have talked about in this post are available to you for purchase...or they might even show up in another giveaway from this site!!!  

I know you were probably thinking that was the big announcement, but it is not.  The big announcement is this - The Etsy site containing these items will be closing this weekend.  I will still be making these for myself (of course), but these items will still be available to you. It is just easier for me to make these items as a special order now, instead of keeping them in stock.

If you wish to order any of the items you have seen, feel free to contact me via any of my social media or email me at!  There, we can discuss pricing for your order should you choose to make some selections.  One thing won't be able to get the earrings from me.  I will have to put you in contact with the person that makes them a lot better than mom.  

There's your big announcement!  Thank you for your continued support of my endeavors.  You are all truly awesome.  

If you haven't already, make sure you check out the newest addition to my blog family by visiting #Aria313 at!  

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