Thursday, September 10, 2015

Definitely on Target!

So, I heard this absolutely fabulous rumor about something happening at Target (one of my favorite stores).  I had to do some research and I was sort of hurt to realize this was happening in Australia, but I have a feeling this will begin to spread.  

I want to tell Target "Thank you" for being brave enough to have plus size mannequins in a store that is usually geared towards smaller women.  Honestly, I have NEVER been able to find clothing at Target unless I was looking for something to workout in.  Why?  Because all the clothes they had to fit me were frumpy and quite frankly, looked like burlap sacks.  I won't lie, I even tried looking in the maternity section and that was definitely not a good idea.  
Now these mannequins have given me a bit of hope.  If you are going to have mannequins in that size, I have to assume more stylish clothes are coming to the plus size department in Target.  I won't be traveling to Australia any time soon (even though I would love to go back one day), but I am hoping this trend will make it to the Target's located in the United States, or at least the ones in my area.  

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind shopping at Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, and Torrid...but my wallet needs a break sometimes.  LOL!  If I can find something at Target at a little bit lower price and it still looks good, I'll give it a try.  

Here's the bottom line - I salute you, Target.  You have done some cool things lately.  You have added plus size mannequins, showed little girls it is okay to wear blue and play with "building blocks" and showed little boys it is ok to play with dolls.  This is truly awesome.  I might be able to shop at your store for clothes, another little girl might find it cool to be an engineer and design amazing things (like I do during my day job), and a little boy might be comfortable enough with his heterosexuality to realize that being a stylist (hair or clothing) is a lucrative business.  Target, you are definitely on the right track and I hope that other stores will follow your lead!  

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