Friday, September 4, 2015

I wish I (actually) knew her

Well, this is one of these post that I wish I could have completed this morning.  For my Southeastern US readers, some of you are probably familiar with the Ace and TJ show from Charlotte, NC.  They broadcast on various stations and also on their app.  So, if you were listening this morning, you are going to know what I am talking about.  

This morning, they posed a question that went something like women are going to be mad at me because of what.  Well, some ladies wrote in and called in with some interesting things.  For instance, one lady said that women should not be firefighters.  Don't agree with what she said, but to each their own.  It was a little miss Jennifer who got me a bit annoyed.  Her comment was, "women need to learn to work out"!.  Now, in her defense, she's young (25) and she has time to workout 5 days a week and not have to go home to a husband and/or kids.  On top of that, she is a stylist and she gets to pick her on schedule.  Then there are those of us that have a set time job (8 to 5, 9 to 6, you get my point) that run home to other responsibilities other than trying to figure out what time they are going to work out today.  

I wish I could play the clip for you because she was extremely condescending and she obviously has no clue about what life can and will throw at you.  This is the first week in over a year that I have been able to work out 5 days a week.  I feel like I have accomplished something because of that.  the nature of my job for the past 2 years have been go to work early, leave late, and if the contractor calls you in the middle of the night and wants to start working, I went to work.  I just did better with what I ate because I was trying to sleep when I could and sometimes, that was just a nap!  Working out wasn't even on my radar.  But let me tell little miss Jennifer something, in the past year, I maintained the size I was without working out not one single time.  Now, if you want to count walking beside an asphalt truck in the heat a workout, be my guest, but I didn't.  

Point is this, working out is not the only way to be healthy.  I've said it before, the only health problem I have is asthma and it has proven to be a gene, not because of my weight.  I don't have blood pressure problems.  I am not a diabetic.  My heart is fine (other than when I hear ignorant statements like the one Jennifer made).  I'm good!  I'm not perfect, but I'm ok with me.  

I would like to argue that she downs people because there is something about herself that she is not happy with.  You can read back through these posts and see that even though this blog is geared towards plus sized women, I celebrate women of all sizes!  I love to go shopping with my "skinny" friends and in turn, they don't mind going into a Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart.  Let me tell you something else that my friends don't do - they don't put me down because I am a couple sizes bigger than they are.  Let me tell you what they do.  They compliment me on my clothing choices because I dress for my size and I don't look like I'm wearing a bag.  The love me because of my personality.  The appreciate my willingness to give.  And to pull it all together, they love me because of who I am...size 16 and all.  

So, Jennifer, if you ever get to read this - find some people that don't look like you and have a conversation with them for 5 minutes.  It probably won't change your mind about being plus sized, but I at least hope that it will change your attitude.  It is people with your mindset that cause some people to not like smaller chicks because they think they all think like you.  It's such a shame when a bad apple ruins it for the entire bunch.

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