Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tip of the Iceberg

I don't even get to watch Project Runway, but there is one person on there that has my attention.  The fabulous Ashley Nell Tipton seems to be doing amazing work this season.  Like I said, I don't get to watch, so you are probably wondering why (or how) I even know her?

Well, the Internet is a powerful and it can be used for good.  Also, I was in a conversation with some people who could not remember the name of the chick with the purple hair on the show.  

I've been looking at some of her sites and although not a fan of purple, I am feeling her hair.  More than that though, I am feeling her sense of style.  The main aspect of Ashley I absolutely love is the fact she is not afraid to wear prints.  Since I own none of her photos, I will not be posting any in this post.  In fact, I invite you to find her social networks and just take a look.  She has even made me want to take other chances.  

If anything, I have learned this from Ashley - be yourself! She looks awesome, not because she is "small" or "perfect" or "conforming".  She looks awesome because she is comfortable in her own skin.  I mean, look at her.  Beautiful smile.  Totally enjoying herself with her colorful hair.  She appears to have a great personality.  And obviously, she can design the hell out of some clothes!!!  That's what makes Ashley awesome!  

Quite frankly, that is what makes us all awesome.  We have to learn to love ourselves, no matter what size we are.  We have to learn to love ourselves no matter what people say about us.  We have to learn to love ourselves and be true to who we are.  We are a wonderful creation and we deserve to be happy in our own skin.  

Good luck, Ashley!!!  

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