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"Waisted" Battle

I cannot remember which post I wrote about this in, but I am pretty sure I discussed the madness with my waist trainer.  If you don't wish to go find it, let me give you a reduced version.  

Here it goes - I like my waist trainer, but it doesn't like me.  It I keep it on too long, say 4 hours (or even 2, depending on how my body is feeling), I have a reaction to the material.  I break out in horrible hives.  I start itching horribly.  Basically, if I keep it on too long, I'm absolutely miserable.  

Ok, back to today.  I love my waist trainer...for working out!  I only work out for approximately an hour, so my body can take the madness of the waist trainer for that long.  However, I will admit, as soon as I get finished working out, that thing comes off.  Like seriously, I feel like I want to rip it off of me.  I absolutely cannot take it!  And the "ripping it off" statement is exactly why I'm writing.  

About a month ago, there was a meme making it's way aro…

My farewell to Avenue

It is very rare I write bad things.  I try to keep things positive and happy and just amazing.  However, after the exchange I've had with a company today, I have to write about it.  Now, they have been warned about me going to social media.  In my final email to them, I even told them I was a blogger and I told them I would be writing about my issue with them...especially since this is not the first time I've had to get nasty with them.  

A few weeks ago (I'm pretty sure I wrote about this), I went shopping and purchased some bras from Avenue.  I love their bras, but I will not be shopping with them anymore.  Out of the six bras I purchased, two of them are already ruined.  I sent photos showing the issue.  Their response?  See below...

"Based on the Avenue Return Policy, we regret we cannot offer an adjustment on your order.  On behalf of Avenue, we sincerely apologize that your shopping experience was not as exceptional as you had wished it to be.  At Avenue, we appre…