Monday, October 26, 2015

"Waisted" Battle

I cannot remember which post I wrote about this in, but I am pretty sure I discussed the madness with my waist trainer.  If you don't wish to go find it, let me give you a reduced version.  

Here it goes - I like my waist trainer, but it doesn't like me.  It I keep it on too long, say 4 hours (or even 2, depending on how my body is feeling), I have a reaction to the material.  I break out in horrible hives.  I start itching horribly.  Basically, if I keep it on too long, I'm absolutely miserable.  

Ok, back to today.  I love my waist trainer...for working out!  I only work out for approximately an hour, so my body can take the madness of the waist trainer for that long.  However, I will admit, as soon as I get finished working out, that thing comes off.  Like seriously, I feel like I want to rip it off of me.  I absolutely cannot take it!  And the "ripping it off" statement is exactly why I'm writing.  

About a month ago, there was a meme making it's way around Facebook (and probably other social media sites) that used a gorilla (I think) in a sitting position with the caption what your girl looks like when she takes off the waist trainer.  Did I chuckle?  Yes.  Did it hurt?  Yes.

The person posting the meme has had her own issues with weight and she has worked really hard to get to a smaller size and keep it off.  However, I also wondered why she felt the need to post that when people once thought of her in the same light?  The thing is, no matter how much "better" you get, it is important to not forget where you came from - whether it means going from a slum neighborhood to the richest neighborhood in the city, getting a promotion at work, or going from a size 26 to a 6.

Don't get me wrong, I laugh at memes because there are some days when I just need a good laugh.  On the other hand, when I take a moment to get in the other shoes, I feel bad for laughing.  Honestly, I think if people took the time to really think about what they were posting, the majority of the things we see on social media wouldn't exist.  

We (yes, including myself) add fuel to the bullies.  We laugh at their jokes.  We share their memes.  We forget about us being in those shoes in the not so distant past.  So why would we post something that used to hurt our own feelings just to get a laugh?  

It's time for us to start spreading love on social media.  Post something positive.  Give someone an encouraging word.  Send a thoughtful message.  But can we please stop with the cyber bullying?  Yes, that is actually what it is.  

Don't call me sensitive.  I'm cool with my skin and I have worked very hard to be like that.  Do I work out?  Yes!  I worked out a few hours ago.  Do I watch what I eat?  Yes!  Is it a battle for me to lose weight and keep it off?  Yes.  But here is the thing - not everyone is comfy in their skin.  I just learned how to be.  However, for every one person comfy in their skin, there are probably another 5 who work each day to lose weight and they feel like they are never doing enough.  To some women, that meme could have ended their lives.  Is that really a responsibility or burden you want to bear?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My farewell to Avenue

It is very rare I write bad things.  I try to keep things positive and happy and just amazing.  However, after the exchange I've had with a company today, I have to write about it.  Now, they have been warned about me going to social media.  In my final email to them, I even told them I was a blogger and I told them I would be writing about my issue with them...especially since this is not the first time I've had to get nasty with them.  

A few weeks ago (I'm pretty sure I wrote about this), I went shopping and purchased some bras from Avenue.  I love their bras, but I will not be shopping with them anymore.  Out of the six bras I purchased, two of them are already ruined.  I sent photos showing the issue.  Their response?  See below...

"Based on the Avenue Return Policy, we regret we cannot offer an adjustment on your order.  On behalf of Avenue, we sincerely apologize that your shopping experience was not as exceptional as you had wished it to be.  At Avenue, we appreciate when customers share their concerns with us, as it allows us to respond to our customer's impressions of our business."

My response: "Why not?  Because I don't have a receipt or because I wore it?  Had it been made correctly, I would not have this issue."  

Remember, I sent photos to show the mess of work they made on my bras.  

Then they come back with this: "The decision from our Customer Support Team is based on the date the order was placed and that the items were worn and washed.  We have included the link below for further details and for any questions you may have, regarding our return policy:"

Then they placed the link.  

I understand you have a return policy, but it is obviously the messy work of your machine or person that made my bras that caused this issue.  I take care of my bras because they are so expensive.  Also, due to the amount of bras I have, in those two months, I can assure you those bras were only worn and washed four times.  

So, after I gathered my thoughts, I wrote back: "They are messed up because they are worn and washed.  It is clearly a stitching issue.  I've had other bras from you that were perfect.  I have bras from Lane Bryant that I've had for years.  But this is the second issue I've had with Avenue in less than a year.  Earlier, I was promised a refund for something and new got it.  Now this.  I'm done.  By the way, I'm also a blogger.  I'll get the word out."

Well, this is me getting the word out.  Even when it is clearly an issue with something the company did, they will not help you at all!!!  Avenue, I am highly disappointed in you.  I have been a customer for years and spoke highly of you in this blog.  However, I am finished with you!!!  

I don't know if I just spoke to the wrong person who decided to not be helpful or get me to a supervisor or if Avenue is just going to stand firm on their return policy even if it is horrible work on their part.  I can understand if I had worn the bra a year and elastic was showing, the stitching was coming out, and the strap was broken...but after 4 wears and washes, I find that absolutely ridiculous!  

Avenue, I told you I would talk about this.  I definitely was not playing.  I want people to see how you treat loyal customers.  I won't be shopping with you anymore.  In fact, if I can help it, I won't even be stepping in another one of your stores anymore.  I don't wish to take my frustration out on your staff.

Well, Lane Bryant, you're up!!!  I'll be coming to you for now on for bras.  I've had a strapless bra from you for a few years and it still feels awesome and the stitching is still flawless.