Monday, November 16, 2015

All about the DUFF

The sad part is I really don't think I even have to explain what DUFF means.  However, just in case you missed the movie (or just haven't heard it in pop-culture), DUFF = designated ugly fat friend.  

Well, since I used to love when #ConfessionNight started trending on twitter, I can give you one right now.  I used to be a DUFF.  Now, I've never thought I was ugly, but I can't help what went in the definition.  I can handle unflattering, but not ugly.  Let's get back to used to be a DUFF.  

I'm still FF, but I'm more confident.  Therefore, I am not longer a DUFF!  Once you take away the power of the word (or acronym), it will not hurt you anymore.  Honestly, it never hurt me in the first place because I was / am actually friends with the people, but I am a few sizes larger than then.  The thing is, I'm okay with that.  I'm okay with my size.  Like I said, I'm more confident now.  The word doesn't bother me.  On the other hand, there are some people where DUFF really hurts them.  

It's important to remember, even though not being PC is all the rage right now, it's always classy to be nice to one another.  We forget about humans having feelings.  Here's what I try to do - I always try to remember how I felt when my feelings were hurt, then I try to watch my actions and the words flowing from my mouth.  If we could all remember that, I think we will be better off.  

So, if you think (or know) you are a DUFF, get out of that mentality!  You are beautiful.  You are my version of DUFF - designated ultimate fabulous friend!  Always remember that fact.  

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