Wednesday, December 9, 2015

She said she was jealous

Looks can be deceiving.  I bet when you read the title you thought some thick chick is jealous of her skinny friends.  Well, in a wonderful role reversal, you are really wrong.  

I pride myself in having a cool set of friends.  Some are skinny and some look like me.  Some are homosexual and some are heterosexual.  Some are Christians and others believe in other things.  Point is, I love them all.  

Well, since this blog is about living the plus life, you have probably guessed this is about a funny plus diva situation we found ourselves in over the weekend.  A few of us were at an event over the weekend and we got into a conversation about how two people met one another.  Both of them actually met while working at a Torrid.  You know my love for Torrid and their clothes.  Of the 5 of us in the conversation, 3 of us are considered plus size women.  Here is when it funny...

One of my smaller friends asked, "what's Torrid"?  We began to explain.  My other smaller friend said, "Oh, I know what it is.  I'm actually quite jealous that I'm not big enough to shop there". 

Here is what a few of you just read, I'm actually quite jealous that I'm not BIG enough to shop there.  The rest of you did like the three of us did - laughed out loud!  So many times, people go by a plus size store and are afraid to walk in because being a size 2 in a store that specifically carries a size 20 is like a sin.  But here is what I learned about my friend - she's been in that store more than once.  I say more than once because you just cannot fully understand Torrid on one visit.  It just isn't possible!  Torrid is just that awesome!!!  

Why did I write about this?  Easy - everything around me inspires me, even the smallest of backwards (you just have to know her) compliments.  I feel good about having people around me that I can go shopping with and not be ashamed to go in a store with me.  I'm sure the other plus divas in the conversation felt the same way.  It's all about finding people that love to be around you no matter how you look.  Never be around people that bring you down, but make sure they are jealous of your fabulous outfit!  

Laugh at the last line people - laugh out loud!!!  

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