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Write About Now!

This is probably going to be one of those posts where the title is not going to come to me until the very last minute.  Seriously, it will probably come right before I get ready to press "publish".  However, I've been waiting to write this post and it deserves something a lot better than just "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT".

I've been writing this blog for two and a half years now.  I've enjoyed every moment of it and the blogging community has been great.  Each year I think how can I make this blog better?  I've always wanted to write things people would love to read and one day make my name someone people automatically knew.  Quite frankly, that is why I choose the background for this blog - one day I'm going to see my name in lights.  It's all about believing and speaking it into existence.  It's been a journey and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  However, I wanted to do a change.  

It is no secret the world around me inspires EVERYTHING I write in this blog.  If I see an outfit, I write about it.  If I hear something on the radio, I will write about it.  If I have a conversation, I'll write about it.  If I see something on TV, I'll write about it.  If I go shopping, I definitely write about it.  If I get annoyed by something, I write about it.  Basically, I write about it.  It's just what I do.  It's in my blood and even though it may seem very surface, it all comes from the very depths of my soul.  

However, I've learned this one thing - just because it inspires me, it doesn't mean that inspires you.  Believe it or not, I pay attention to social media and see what tweets you like and what you.  I also look at what you are talking about.  Then I go back and think how can I merge all of this?  I want to remain true to myself, but yet I want to get more involved with you.  Well, this is when I had this idea and I think you are going to like it.  

Instead of just me talking about me and the things around me, how about we explore the lives of other people?  No, I'm not talking about doing a quick Internet search and me putting something on this blog that may or may not be true (I have a lot more integrity than that), but I'm talking about actually taking the time to get to know a person by talking to them face to face, via Skype, or via email.  It's time for me to get back to the roots of what writing was meant to be - for the people.  

Well, in 2016, that is exactly what is going to happen.  Starting next month (have to start January off right), features will be coming to The Plus Diaries.  Yes, I know I have done a few here and there, but this is something I hope to be very consistent with.  I've already lined up a few ladies (I may talk to a few guys too).  The ladies who are already on board are so excited to be part of this and I am so happy to have them.  

This is what writing is about - getting to know the story and then telling the story in a way that is understandable and (for me) positive.  This blog is about being positive and loving yourself, even when it feels like the world is crumbling around you.  I truly look forward to doing these features.  Do I have a solid title yet?  Nah - I'm still floating around with a few ideas.  However, believe me, when I feature my first person (and each person after her), you will know!  

I can't wait until this first feature and I hope you love getting to know these ladies as much as I have.  Also, if you have anyone you would want me to feature, let me know - we might be able to work that out.  And if you feel like taking a leap and want to be featured yourself, definitely let me know.  It's all about getting to know you because you have taken the time to know me.  Here's to 2016!!!  

And just as I suspected, the title is the very last thing to be written.  Hope you like it!  


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New post is going to arrive on Sunday, August 13!  Now is the time to spread some love to some other bloggers since this community has been so awesome to me!  Happy blogging, ladies and gentlemen!