Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bras, panties, semi-annual sale, OH MY!

Well, don't worry, I'm not going to show you my underwear in this post.  However, I will gladly tell you about my shopping adventure that allowed me to get some new underwear today!  

I was on a mission!  Believe me, I had to have something - new bras!  All this week, I knew I was going shopping over the weekend, but the thought of having to buy new bras just really annoyed me.  Well, it really annoyed me because the store I was accustomed to going to...well, let's just say we don't get along anymore.  I don't want to mention them in this post because I don't want to take away from the store I went to today.  However, if you are interested in finding out, just find the post titled, My Farewell to____________.  

Today I had to go to another store.  The last time I went bra shopping at this store, it wasn't a good experience - not because of the customer service, but because I was really discouraged by the color selection and some of them I tried on really hurt.  I have a big chest.  If you follow me on instagram or know me personally, you know that.  I've been in a bra since I was 7.  No, not a training bra, but an A cup.  Well, I don't wear that anymore!   

After a lot of self-motivation, I decided to go shopping today.  Made myself a little bit cute (confidence builder) and went in my mind to just get measured and then come home and order the bras myself.  It's no secret, most stores have more colors online.  Well, I went to Lane Bryant.  

Lane Bryant is one of my stores I shop at, but not often.  For my style, I think it is too reserved.  However, I have found some really cute sundresses.  But, back to today.  

The ladies greeted me and one of them asked me if I was looking for anything.  I took a deep breath and I told her, I'm bra shopping.  She was more than happy to help me.  

I told her my situation about not buying from them for a few years.  Then we went into the dressing room and started the measuring process.  It's no surprise, but I was in between sizes, as far as the number was concerned.  Story of my life, right?  Probably yours too.  She had me try on a bra and the fit was just cray cray on me.  Never did I know that would start one of the most interesting shopping trips I have ever experienced.  

We kept trying sizes she could find in the store.  She was so helpful and made it so I never had to leave my dressing room.  I truly felt like a VIP.  Then, I asked her about 2 certain types of bras that I really love and she was like, we can try those.  She was actually shocked because typically, women with my size chest are only into full coverage bras.  Well, that's not me.  

She found was I was looking for, both bra types!!!!  Then, we made a discovery - depending on what type of bra I was wearing depended on the cup size I needed.  Go figure!  However, once again, absolutely not shocked by that development.  

The lady was so helpful.  Due to the fact I hadn't shopped bras at Lane Bryant in years, I needed some major help.  We tried extenders, we tried different types of bras, we tried different sizes within those types of bras, she even came in and adjusted straps and cups in order to make sure I had the right fit.  Seriously, she is a bra sizing specialist!  

After holding her up for about 45 minutes, it was time for me to checkout!  Painful?  Only because it took so long.  However, because of her personality and her knowledge, I felt perfectly fine buying bras at Lane Bryant again and I am so excited to get my order in the mail!!!  Yes, I came home to order them so I could really sit down and look how I wanted to, instead of having to look across the counter at their screens.  However, I was able to buy me some beautiful new hipster panties while in the store.  

So, basically, what I thought was going to be absolutely horrible turned out to be a wonderful experience.  I'm so happy I went to Lane Bryant today and I cannot wait to get my order.  This might be my coming back to Lane Bryant (at least for bras) and that would not bother me at all.  

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