Saturday, January 9, 2016

Get a real solution

It's 2016.  Well, just over a week into 2016.  How many of you have already stepped off the golden path to your resolution?  I have.  My goal was to work on my road rage this year.  I quickly learned on my way to work one day this week that goal has to be taken one day at a time - preferably on a dry day when the sun isn't shining too bright.  The madness that happens on my drive to the office is just cray cray!  

But back to the topic at hand.  Each year, we all make resolutions that we do not keep!  There are some awesome resolutions - lose weight, get a new job, save more money, etc.  Like I said, all great ideas.  However, how many of us actually make it an entire year?  Well, this year, I decided to make a real solution for myself.  

I resolve to be a better self.  To you that is probably very broad and I admit it is, but it is really amazing for me.  Being a better person means calming my road rage, working out more, reading my Bible more, and making sure to take care of myself before I give myself to other people!  

At my church, we believe in taking next steps.  On Sunday, we had to write down what our next step was going to be.  I wrote my next step was to be a great writer and a great group leader.  I cannot be neither of those things if I am not taking care of MYSELF!  

So, for 2016, I don't care what happens around me or how mad people make me on my drive to the office.  I resolve to stay calm.  I can't be awesome and have high blood pressure because some dumb dumb almost decides to take me and Charlotte (my car) out!  

Here is my plan - love God, stay true to myself, take care of myself, and everything else will fall into place.  That's my real solution!  What's yours? 

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