Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The gift

I've been debating on whether or not I was going to write about this particular topic.  Not because it is not absolutely cool, but because I'm a female and I can only write from a female perspective.  But then something amazing happened at church on Sunday, my pastor spoke about this person during his sermon and it hit me.  I mean, it really hit me because I had the same thought, but just in a different view.  I knew I had to write about it, but I still couldn't figure out how to do it.  I mean, it's Wednesday and the lightning bolt hit me on Sunday.  

A few week ago or last year, however you want to see it, a new winner of The Voice was crowned!  His name is Jordan Smith (@JordanSmithLive) and he has one of the best voices that has ever graced the stage on that show.  He truly had me at Chandelier and I am confident he made Sia proud.  He is the absolute reason this show is called The Voice and the reason why blind auditions are epic.  

If you have never heard of or seen the show, let me help you out with the blind audition part - the person on the stage sings while the coaches have their backs turned.  If they turn around because of the person's singing ability, no matter how they look, they get on a team.  Only after several rounds do they put the voting in the hands of the public.  

Let me say that again - ...because of the person's singing ability, no matter how they look, they get on a team.  Let me make that more clear - matter how they look.  That's the key!!!  Even my pastor admitted that when the camera finally went to the person actually singing, his neck snapped back!  When I saw Jordan, it made me so happy because he was already going to make it on a team, but he had a gift that is not of this world!  

Each of us have a gift.  Me personally, I use my gift to communicate with you.  I love to write and I try to use it in a positive manner.  Jordan loves to sing, but had never been given the chance.  Some might would argue it is because he is not an athletic build with blonde hair...or whatever stereotype you have been taught to believe is better or perfect.  

He's the thing, no matter how any of us look, there is something deep inside of us just waiting to come out.  It can be a song, the best thing you can ever write, the drawing you can put on a canvas, the best sermon you can give, or anything else you can think of (because I know I'm missing a lot).  No matter how you look, you have to stop letting people tell you no because of an outward appearance because they have no clue how amazing you are at what you do.  And when they found out what you do, make sure they never forget your name.  You have a gift.  Go share it with the world! 

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