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Futuristically Speaking...

Director Michael Bay has made some pretty awesome movies.  I'm a Transformers fan all the way!  Yall know yall love Bad Boys and Bad Boys II.  I'm not really down with the horror flicks, but I know a few of you love them.  Then there is one that I absolutely adore...Armageddon.  This movie came out in 1998 and it is one of the first movies I can remember going to see without parental guidance.  

If you were attentive in your science classes, you will quickly discover a lot of the things happening in the movie is not possible.  Most notably, the fire happening in space.  It's just not going to happen.  But, let's get back to the year - 1998.  That year, I would have been leaving 7th grade and entering the 8th.  Here is why this is important to you - it was my 7th grade year when I truly fell in love with writing and I started paying attention to movie lines instead of the graphics and the background noise.  

Let's get back to Armageddon.  You have to wait about an hou…

My version of me

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you have realized one thing - this blog is my baby!  I love this blog.  I pour a lot out in the blog.  This blog has helped me to step out of my comfort zone.  The blog has allowed me to be more of myself (even if I am not using my government name). This blog lets me be Shayla Em and I love that!  I knew that when I started this blog, I was going to have to get used to being in the public eye.  I didn't set out to be famous (but bring it on), but I did set out to have a great blog.  With greatness, things come your way and I am excited about that.  I've been invited to events, I have the chance to write for other publications, but my favorite thing has been me taking a chance on my blog and trying to do new things.  Do they all work?  Nope, but it's a learning process and I am absolutely cool with that!  Quite frankly, if you talk to any blogger, I think they invent themselves until they are comfortable and when it…

Image is everything!

I was in church Saturday afternoon.  I got back out to my car and twitter was blazing.  Well, I decided to wait until I got home so I could see everything on my beautiful wide screen laptop.  When I finally found the correct video for Formation (because there is definitely one going around that is not it on YouTube), I was really feeling the art Beyonce was creating.  However, one small thing has bothered me about the video and it is not anything Bey did, it's what everyone is picking out.  

So, there is the spot in the video where Bey is flashing both her middle fingers.  Do I get the image?  Yes.  Is that the only image in the video?  No.  There are so many other powerful images in the video (hell, the entire video is a powerful image), but why has that been the image I've seen most often on my Twitter and Instagram feed?

Let's take a looks at some of the images I wish I was seeing more often!  What about the beautiful young ladies wearing their natural hair loud and proud…

Save me!

I seem to always have the greatest shopping adventures when I go to a store looking for only a few items.  Today, I went to Lane Bryant specifically looking for boy shorts and a sweater.  By the time I walked out of the store, I had left with several pairs of boy shorts, other Cacique selections, 2 sweaters, a bright shirt, and a peplum top, and a skirt.  Again, absolutely awesome customer service and Gabby (I hope that is how you spell it) was too amazing and patient.  I went to another town to go shopping because they have a much larger store than the one of my side of town.  I guess since they have a bigger store, it was meant for me to come out with more than a few things.  

So, check out that partial receipt.  In between my real women dollars, my coupons I had got in the mail, and my coupon on my phone, you see how much I saved.  By the time I walked out the store today, I had spent less than 100 dollars.  My mom taught me how to bargain shop, but she also taught me how to find ni…

#TPD100: Let me re-introduce myself

On May 25, 2013, I started this blog.  I didn't intend for it to be anything fancy, but I did want it to be a safe and fun place for people to interact.  Well, that part has happened.  I love getting feedback on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (all @TheShaylaEm) and it makes me so happy to know people are interested in what I have to say.  

I said I wanted to mention some celebs and I have been able to do so.  This year, I started doing features and this month, I will feature my second person.  I'm too excited about these posts and as far as this first one is concerned, it has gone really well.  

I really don't think I have to go through all the formalities.  You know I'm Shayla Em and you know that isn't my government name.  I don't still like to be kept in a bubble or in a box (that's why I'm asking to be cremated).  I'm still a plus-size diva and I love me!  I don't love me every single day (if you are honest with yourself, neither do you), but …

The lost boy

This is one of those posts that may be three paragraphs long or I may just lose it and go in.  Either way, one thing for certain, it is going to bring up something that happened to me 11 years and 3 days ago.  

January 31, 2005 is one of the dates in my life that changed the person I was and shaped me to be the person (and writer) I am today.  Not ready to go into so much detail, but let's just say I lost something I can never get back and it cannot be replaced.  

On that day, I lost something, but I also gained so much more.  I didn't realize the gain until a few years later, but at least I realized it.  I learned I'm a lot stronger than what I thought.  The people I needed most spent so much time being upset at me they forgot I had lost something.  When they were ready to talk, I was already dealing with it in my own way and I'm okay with that.  However, that doesn't come without having bad days.  That date is always a bit rough and this year, it was rougher than n…