Monday, February 8, 2016

Image is everything!

I was in church Saturday afternoon.  I got back out to my car and twitter was blazing.  Well, I decided to wait until I got home so I could see everything on my beautiful wide screen laptop.  When I finally found the correct video for Formation (because there is definitely one going around that is not it on YouTube), I was really feeling the art Beyonce was creating.  However, one small thing has bothered me about the video and it is not anything Bey did, it's what everyone is picking out.  

So, there is the spot in the video where Bey is flashing both her middle fingers.  Do I get the image?  Yes.  Is that the only image in the video?  No.  There are so many other powerful images in the video (hell, the entire video is a powerful image), but why has that been the image I've seen most often on my Twitter and Instagram feed?

Let's take a looks at some of the images I wish I was seeing more often!  What about the beautiful young ladies wearing their natural hair loud and proud?  Those dancers are fierce!  This whole natural hair phase (yep, that's all it is for some of you) hasn't been going on that long.  For Bey to showcase those women being their natural selves was really awesome to me.  And let's not forget about little Blue!  I love the lyric and I love her hair!  I absolutely wish my mom would have let me be natural as a child, but I'm also glad I made the decision as an adult to be natural.  It's not easy, but I love it!  

Here's another image - what about the little boy standing in front of the police, but the police had their hands up?  They said a picture is worth a thousand words, but that one might have been worth a million.  Keeping with the same subject, what about the tag on the side of the building that said Stop Shooting Us?  

How about Beyonce on top of the sinking police car?  I would love to hear a discussion about that image instead of hearing about how many of you are going to take your men or side boos to Red Lobster.  There is so much we could say about the lyrics, but that's for another time and probably for another person to write.  

This is all I'm saying - all the powerful images and all the powerful lyrics and the only thing most of you can love about the video is her having both of her middle fingers up in the air?  Beyonce did it and I guess in her own right, she can.  However, I'm pretty sure most of us were raised knowing that was disrespectful so why is the most disrespectful or negative image the one I am seeing most often?  Spread the positive.  Teach your children our culture (I don't have any yet).  But most important, be proud of who you matter what you are! 


  1. Great post... I don't think too many people would look and decipher the imagery because they are so side tracked by the music! That's the issue with people today, they are so quick to dance and jook to the music but they miss the message.

    1. Thank you! I am a lyrics person at heart, no matter the beat. If you cannot captivate me with your words, I have no reason to listen to you because anyone can make a beat. I hate people seem to be missing the message, but I hope slowly but surely people will begin to look beyond the lyrics and focus on the video (any video) that has a strong message to it.