Monday, March 21, 2016

(Late) birthday post!

Just in case you missed all the memos on my social media sites, I had a birthday recently!  In order to celebrate, I came up with a list of things I was thankful for.  I'll do these in the same order I did them on the rest of my sites, but you have to keep this one thing in mind - only the first three are in order!  Here is the list of the things I'm thankful for!  

2 - my parents
3 - the person who loves me because I am uniquely me
4 - my job
5 - my college experience and college degree from UNC-Charlotte
6 - my apartment
7 - my cars
8 - my awesome Mexican cook (yep, she is cool like that)
9 - my mentor
10 - the chicas
11 - my Charlotte, NC family (these people looked after me while I was in college and still do)
12 - my Columbia, SC friends that have basically turned into my family
13 - my church (NewSpring Church)
14 - my small groups
15 - my bed
16 - the people I have the pleasure of serving with at church
17 - Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix
18 - my work family
19 - my iPod
20 - my laptop and tablet
21 - my Columbia, SC parents (yep, they've been looking after me since I moved away from NC)
22 - my sisters (since God didn't give biological ones, I have these)
23 - my twin (known each other for 20 years and counting)
24 - my Moore Hall besties
25 - my cheerleading experiences
26 - the memories from the oreo (you just don't understand)
27 - my godson
28 - my YMCA memories
29 - my off campus college roomies
30 - my fellow vertically challenged friend with a huge personality
31 - MY LIFE and all the twists, turns, and madness that comes with it! 

Yep, that's my list!  Why this list?  Well, I decided last year (after I had my minor breakdown), to make sure each birthday from then on was going to be great.  I think I am off to a really good start! 

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