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4 miles

This past weekend, I took a trip to the beach.  Absolutely had an amazing time and the timing couldn't have been more perfect because the prior two weeks before had been a bit challenging.  Won't go into the details of that madness, but it was rough.  I left Friday afternoon and about five hours later, I arrived at my destination.  

I hadn't been to Atlantic Beach, NC since I was in the seventh grade.  Yep, that's been a long time.  However, I remember it being a really nice beach and I loved how quiet it was.  Other than some new buildings, it was still quiet and I loved it!  

I told my dad that I wanted to go walk on the beach and that is what we did Saturday morning.  Just needed some daddy-daughter time.  Since I'm an only child, I don't particular pull towards one parent.  Sometimes, I only want one of them and other times I want both of them - it truly depends.  That time was interesting because of my decision.  

To most people it was chilly, but to me, the weather was perfectly fine.  I walked out of my bedroom with a bathing suit and a cover-up (well, it wasn't sold as a cover-up, but I made it one).  I proceeded to go out to the patio to put on my sunscreen because I absolutely hate the smell of it (and it tells you to use it in a well-ventilated area).  

I've always been a thick chick and my dad knows that I haven't always embraced that.  He also knows that he and my mom are part of the reason it has been so hard for me.  Now, I'm more confident and wearing a two-piece tankini is not a problem for me anymore.  I think he realized that.  He asked, you're really going to wear a bathing suit?  Are you sure you're not cold?  I told him, no, and on our way we went.  

Now, some of you are probably thinking he really wanted you to change.  Nah, I know my dad.  I know his voices and I could tell he was more concerned for my health because he had heard me have a few coughing fits the night before.  

We get to the beach and no one was out there in a bathing suit.  The guys didn't even have on swim trunks.  Don't get me wrong, it was way too cold to get in the water, but I at least thought more people would be out trying to get a tan (mine is natural - LOL).  The breeze was amazing and a few times, my cover-up flew up, but I was fine with that.  It's my body and I'm fine with that too.  All the way to the pier, people greeted us and we had too much fun in our conversation and looking at the scenery.    

Well, we walk 2 miles to the pier.  We get there and we take a break.  Since we had stopped, we were able to actually talk to a few people.  Just enjoying my bathing suit and one lady walks up to us and starts talking.  She's looking at me and I'm just trying to figure out omg, what is she thinking?  In her cool accent she asked, are you not cold?  All three of us laughed and I told her absolutely not.  My dad and I start on our journey back to the resort.  Another 2 miles of seeing people...

In my entire walk, 


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