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Big body, little store

Over the weekend, I had the absolute best unexpected surprise.  Let me set this up.  I'm a plus size woman.  Hence the name of this blog.  I write about my life and all that comes with it - shopping adventures, when I don't feel pretty, when I've been hurt about my size, stuff like that.  When you see me talk about going to Guess, you know that more than likely, I'm walking out of there with a pair of shoes, a pocketbook, a wallet, or a combo of two or all three.  If you hear me talk about Old Navy, you know I'm about to do some serious damage getting me some fantastic clothes.  That's just how it happens in my life.  

So, on Saturday, I met up with a really good friend of mine to have an early dinner.  I really needed some sushi in my life and that had to happen.  We got to the place early and of course, they were not open.  We decided to go for a walk and check out some of the shops.  So, there was a cute little boutique next to where we were going to eat.  She wanted to stop in.  I knew there was nothing in there clothing wise that I could wear, but I figured that I could go look at some jewelry, shoes, and their other accessories.  

The store was Entourage Clothing and Gifts (@ShopEntourage).  It's no big secret that I feel a little strange walking into a store that I've never been into, but yet it is so obvious they have nothing in my size.  However, the first thing I noticed was how cool the staff was.  They were so helpful and since it was our first time being in the store, they told us about their prices and about a sale they were having.  Cool, right?  Here's another thing that is not a big secret - I have a serious problem when it comes to shoes!  I have so many shoes.  It's just something I love.  As we were looking around, something caught my eye - some beautiful shoes that I had actually been looking for.  This is a skinny store, so I won't be able to find anything, right?

WRONG!!!  After picking around with some of the associates, I finally got the nerve up to ask about the shoe sizes.  They went up to my size and some shoes, larger than my size.  Ok, part 1 complete.  Then, I broke down and asked for my size.  Expecting her to just look me dead in my face and say the shoes I was looking for didn't come in my size, that didn't happen.  She went to the back, looked around, and came back with my shoes!  Yes, I had already claimed them.  Part 2 a success.  Here's something else you should all know by now, my calf muscles are beautiful and should be envied.  That keeps me out of knee high boots that do not come from a plus size store or from a store that don't carry wide shoes.  The moment of truth - time to try on the shows.  My right foot is slightly bigger, so that was the one I went with.  By the way, I didn't even have to take the shoe out of the box because the associate took care of all of that for me.  Got the shoe zipped around my wonderful muscle!!!  Part 3 was a total success.  

My bestie who was shopping with me wanted me to walk around in them, so of course I gave a mini shoe fashion show.  Everybody loved them!  I was told that shoe wasn't as popular, but I absolutely adored them.  You should know what happened next...but, if you don't I'll tell you - I walked out of the store with the shoes on my feet.  

Long story, but to me, it was an awesome story.  I was actually scared to walk in this store and was totally fine with helping my friend shop, but that is not how it turned out.  I took a chance in a place that does not cater to my body, but they definitely catered to my feet (and my wrist size too because I tried on a bracelet too).  It's not a place that I will shop all the time, but it is definitely a place that I will be back too.  

I told the ladies that I was going to give the store a s/o in my blog.  So, to the ladies of the Columbia, SC location of Entourage Clothing and Gifts, thank you so much for a wonderful shopping experience!  I will be back and I cannot wait to shop again.  

Now, we all know they are not paying me for this endorsement, but you can find Entourage Clothing and Gifts by clicking here!  I promise, you will be happy you took the time to look at this site!  If possible, check out a store near you!  As always, happy shopping!  


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