Monday, May 2, 2016

8 days later

I really wanted to do this post last week, but I was not in the right space to do it.  I was thinking negatively about the situation, even though I had handled it well.  I had a few people tell me their response would have been totally different, but I did well.  Honestly, during my response, I just kept thinking I'm trying to build a brand.  I can't do that while going off on people at the same time.  Who is going to want to support someone like that?  I wouldn't!  I don't (at least not knowingly)!  Well, let me tell you this madness.  

Last Sunday, I posted something on my twitter about a sermon at my church.  All of a sudden, this lady jumps on my feed and basically took my tweet completely out of context.  I even told her she took it out of context.  I responded and thought that was the end of the situation.  She came back at me.  Something told me to start looking at her feed.  In my opinion, it was full of her being cruel to people because of their opinions.  Every single person has an opinion and just because you do not agree, doesn't mean that it is any of your business.  I digress...

I, still being polite, came back to her.  She finally left me alone.  I won't even post the feed because honestly, her name is not going to be anywhere on my blog to get any attention.  She's not worth that amount of time.  So, why am I even telling you about it?  I thought you would never ask.  

I write about what I know.  What I know is that I am a plus size diva.  What I know is what I see going on in my church.  What I know is my routine to put on makeup.  What I know is what products I use on my body.  What I know is where I like to shop.  What I know is how to design roadways.  What I know is how to mind my own business!  

Each day, I see a tweet on here that tears up my nerves - I don't respond (unless it is a cool hashtag I want to be involved with).  I don't understand why people feel a need to jump out of their lane and stir up something that is not any of their business and especially has nothing to do with them.  She had been on various feeds all day responding to something she knows nothing about!  Quite frankly, it was annoying and so was she.  She is a blogger and typically I'm supportive of blogs and bloggers, but I cannot support her.  Not because of the content, but because of how she treats people on social media.  If you are mean on your feed, I just think you're mean in real life...even though the person is typically nice and using the mask of a screen to hide.   

I wish people would use social media for good instead of constantly trolling or tearing people down.  It's annoying and stupid!  There are no other words for it.  As for the lady that attempted to come at me, I hope she decides to never grace my page again.  I didn't block her.  Oh no!  That would have been too good for her.  I want her to see me.  Then I want her to think long and hard before coming at me again.  But if she does, kind words will be waiting and so will another post.  

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