Friday, May 13, 2016

Backstage Pass with Jennifer Alexander

She’s a writer.  She’s a curve model.  She’s body positive about her own body and making great strides at spreading body positivity around the globe.  Who is she?  She is the fabulous Jennifer Alexander and she is on the move!

If you get a chance, check out her Instagram page.  Not only is her page full of beautiful photos, but it is also full of wonderful inspiration.  Recently, she posted a quote slightly derived from Anita Roddick, but with her own personal twist.  Alexander’s quote says, “…there are more than 7 billion representations of beauty in the world, never forget that you are one of them.”   How beautiful and inspiring are those words to share with every single person on the planet?  Beautiful words from a beautiful woman who grew up in a beautiful place.

Although born in Canada, Alexander did spend some of her childhood in the Caribbean. 
Alexander at 5 years old
She was able to spend a lot of time at the beach under sunny skies! 

The trick is one must surrounded with positive individuals.  Alexander has been able to do just that!  She surrounded herself with wonderful people.  Once she was able to see and understand how subjective beauty standards are, she found beauty within herself.  This is when life took a turn. 

As a writer, Alexander has been fighting for diversity in the media.  It was because of her fight brands started to contact her.  Due to the brands coming to her, that is when she got into modeling. 

Modeling has been another way for Alexander to be body positive.  She’s a size 12 and not afraid to show off her curves!  The confidence she has on the inside exudes through all the photos and inspirational posts!  She likes to keep it real with us and that is just another part that makes her so fantastic. 

When she is not wearing one of her many faces in the curve model industry, she loves doing DIY projects and doing a little bit of shopping.  Although she doesn’t have a favorite store, she loves Swimsuitsforall, Curvy Kate, and Simply Be.  Those three brands have some of her favorite looks! 

The journey to becoming the woman she is today hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it.  She has learned that a size on a scale and a size in a pair of jeans have absolutely no power.  That is exactly what Alexander wants us to all understand.  If there is any advice she could give to her younger self, or anyone struggling with being positive, it would be “it totally gets easier”. 

Thank you for your positivity, Jennifer!  You are truly an inspiration to us all!  

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