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Big body, big hair

Earlier this week, I was cruising around the twitterverse and noticed a cool shirt floating around.  The shirt said, no you cannot touch my hair.  I thought it was funny, but it is a huge thing in the natural hair community that people do not like for their hair to be touched.  I might be the weird one because it honestly doesn't bother me.  Now, just don't come up to me and touch my hair, but if you ask and I'm feeling a bit friendly (LOL), I just might let you feel these beautiful natural curls that God so graciously gave me.  

In my opinion, my hair is awesome.  However, after my transition from processed to natural,
Double Strand Bantu Twistout
I didn't always feel that was the case.  I was so used to my hair being straight and long.  But, I just kept cutting it shorter and shorter until I eventually did the big chop and I became 100% natural.  

I guess now, I feel more confident.  As the years have passed, I've been more confident in my body and now I'm a lot more confident in my hair.  I guess that is what is really important on this journey - confidence!  The more confident I feel, the better I feel and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  

As for my hair, I go through phases.  Just in the past few weeks, I've had different hair styles.  Even my boss said, "I never know what you are going to look like when you come to work".  Me, I took that as a solid compliment.  

Wash and Go
Before I start on this, let me go ahead and warn you that I used various products on my hair.  The look I'm going for dictates the products I plan on using.  Some days, I have no clue what product I'm going to use because I have no clue what I want my hair to look like.  That's another reason I like being natural, it's extremely versatile!  

Some mornings, I do a quick wash and go.  By quick, I mean really quick because I get up at the absolute last possible minute.  My sleep is precious.  When I first started doing this, I would wrap my hair in a cloth or t-shirt, dry it a little bit, add some product, and out the door.  As I've gotten wiser about my hair, I've learned a new method my hair like a lot better.  

Now when I do my wash and go, I add my conditioning products as soon as I get out of the shower - hair drenched and all.  Then, I put on a shower cap while I finish my face washing routine, makeup routine, and getting dressed routine (LOL).  Once I have on all my clothes, the shower cap comes off and my curls are a lot more cute (in my opinion) than what it is when I just let it air dry immediately out of the shower.  

I've also fallen in love with doing bantu knots.  My dad actually likes it when I leave it in those knots.  I don't think my hair is long enough to really look cute in that style, but every once in a while, I'll wear my hair like that around him.  The curls from my bantu knots are gorgeous, but it is important to let the hair dry completely.  Due to the thickness of my hair, I need a solid 36 to 48 hours for my hair to be dry.  

Double Strand Twistout
I'm not a fan of braiding my hair.  Quite frankly, I do not have the patience!  However, I do love twisting my hair.  Sometimes, I do a double strand twist that is flat on my head.  Other times, I do them where it looks like I have braids (or plats) all over my head.  These, I can do the night before and they are dry the next morning before work.  But, here is the thing about me - I like the messy fro look!  To get this on the first day, I will get up early in the AM, undo my hair, then lie back down for a few hours.  I know it is just a few hours, but it looks like I've had my hair twisted out for a few days and I like it.  Then within  a few days, it's time to do it all over again.  Awesomely enough, I've gotten it down to 40 minutes when doing these twists.  When I add the bantu knots, it takes approximately an hour.  

Afro Puff
Recently, I've started wearing the afro puff!  My parents haven't seen this style on me yet, so I'm wondering how they are going to like it.  Don't worry, they will see it in a few weeks!  This is by far my most manageable style because I can do this on a Monday and unless I just want to change it up, it lasts the entire week, with proper maintenance of course.  I have also learned to use this as my go-to style when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to do the twists the night before.  Simply wet it, put on the products, place the rubberband, and go on about my day.  This is actually when my boss talked about my hair.  I had worn it one way all week and then on a Friday, I changed it up on him.  

Every once in a while, I will pay someone to straighten out these coils.  Why do I pay someone?  Simple - I do not have the patience to do it myself!  I can get the back third of my hat done and then I get back in the shower, just to wet my hair. 
Fresh Blowout and Flat Iron

After I've had my hair flat ironed, I can maintain it myself for about two weeks.  On the other hand, due to my current location, I will also lose the hair battle because of humidity.  Therefore, some days, even though it is straight, it's really big!  

Big Hair
My hair can be perfectly fine when I walk out the door.  By the time I walk from the parking deck to my office, my hair is a huge puff!  I don't mind it though.  I just think of it as another look that I have been blessed to rock with.  

Here is what I think it hilarious - on the days when my (I think) hair looks a mess, people love it!  In fact just yesterday, this lady loved my hair and I could only laugh and say thank you.

I guess this is a long way to tell you, I love my hair and I love that people love my hair!  I guess this was also a long way to tell you, I don't mind you touching my hair - IFF (if and only if) you ask me and I allow you to do so.  Now, don't just put your hand in my hair like you know me or something because you will get your feelings hurt.  But, I totally understand people being interested in things that look cool to them.  

I think it is cool that people are so interested in my hair.  Sometimes, the conversations about how I styled it can get a little bit long, but I don't mind.  My hair is part of me and if that is the part of me you want to know about, so be it.  Besides, it may lead to other conversations and that is truly fine with me.  I'm a people person and I like to chat it up...even though I am really a fan of writing it up (as you can see).  

I would say find me a shirt that says yes, you can touch my hair, but some of yall might take it to the extreme and I don't have time for that madness.  But, if you ever see me out in public and you think my hair looks cool, just ask if you can touch my hair.  It may just end up being your lucky day.  


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