Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My new normal

Work has been pretty normal this week, but my anxiety has not been.  Yes, I've been taking my medication, but it's been really bad this week.  It used to be that I would run away.  Seriously, I would go hide - whether it would be in the restroom or in my friend's office that knows about my madness.  However, Monday, he wasn't there and I had to figure out what to do.  

I have something saved on my computer at work that helps me cope.  Well, that madness hasn't worked this week either.  So, what have I started doing?  I do what I know best - I write.  

Yes, I've started writing at work to help me through the day.  I write in a journal.  I write down ideas to share with you on here.  I play word games with myself.  Of course I'm still listening to music, but it hasn't been enough this week.  

I can't really pinpoint what happened, but what I can do is learn to deal.  In a weird way, my friend not being there on Monday helped me out because it forced me to find another solution other than hiding.

As I learn more about my anxiety, I also learn how I can deal with it.  Yes, hiding works for me, but I've been really proud of myself for the past 3 days.  It's time to come out of hiding and talk about this.  Who knows, maybe one of you reading this can suggest another way to cope and it may work for me.  Even if it doesn't work for me, maybe it could work for someone else.  

I used to think I was weird because of this, but I've come to learn I'm pretty normal.  I'm my version of normal and that is all that really matters to me.  


  1. Worry about nothing. Give it to God!

    1. You're absolutely right. He knows my struggles and in His own way, I know He's teaching me something through this. I will be thankful for the lesson, but this journey is tough.

  2. Worry about nothing. Give it to God!