Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Take Care

I know the title of this post sounds quite selfish, but it is the furthest thing from selfish.  Yes, it's about me (like many of my posts are), but I'm hoping this will help you.  

Many of us have been touched by cancer.  Some families have multiple cancers within them.  Some people unfortunately have a gene for cancer. This is not me telling you that you are not taking care of your bodies, this is me unloading because of something that has happened to me in the last 72 hours.  

When I went to the dentist on Monday, I was absolutely ready to see one person because she had cleaned my teeth before.  I get there, wait to talk to the receptionist, and then take a seat I usually do not sit on in the office.  Not anything against the seat, it's just super comfy and I can fall asleep.  Well, I sat down and saw a photo of the young lady I was looking forward to chatting it up with while she was cleaning my teeth.  She had passed away 2 weeks earlier.  

Here's the thing - I had just seen her 2 weeks before her death.  I went into the dentist to change my appointment.  I talked to her and she smiled like only she could and said, "I'll see you next month".  That was in April.  She never made it to May.  

My heart sank when I saw her photo.  It sank even more when I saw the date of her death.  Honestly, it took all I could do not to cry in the office.  The new lady (yes, she's only been there a month) called me back because she was ready to do my cleaning.  We chatted while she cleaned my teeth.  After she was finished, we started talking and once the room was calm, I asked about the person I was looking forward to seeing.  

She asked if I knew what was going on with her?  I told her I did, I even told her about the last time I had seen her.  I cannot lie, I was really hoping she was going to say something else happened to her.  I would have even been okay with her saying a car accident, but cancer just hurt.  So young, happy, but had already survived 3 bouts with cancer.  I guess her body was just tired.  Or, because of my faith, I guess it was just her time to go.  

Yesterday, I talked to my mom and told her what had happened.  It just so happened that I was supposed to talk to an insurance rep about cancer insurance.  Yes, it runs in my family.  I asked her what she thought about it because of our family history.  Before I could even actually get out the question she said YES!  Well, today, I purchased cancer insurance.  

Yes, I'm in my early 30s and I purchased cancer insurance.  I know that is not the proper name, but that is what I am going with.  Due to the nature of my day job, I've made sure to have extra life insurance and disability coverage, but I never thought I would be adding cancer least not this young.  However, young people get cancer too.  I've just been blessed that it hasn't hit me.  

I know this post isn't about my plus life or the plus life of someone I admire, but I truly want you all to be healthy.  Make sure you take care of yourselves.  Eat right, not to lose weight, but to put good things in your body.  Exercise, not to lose weight, but to release stress and get a better night's sleep.  Smile at yourself each day because you deserve to see a beautiful smile each day.   You never know when your last moment is going to be, so live each day to the fullest.  

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