Friday, May 6, 2016

What do you prefer?

I know I could be so late, but please forgive me.  I started hearing a new term late last year (or should I say paying attention to a new term late last year).  I started hearing people refer to themselves as curve or curvy models (those in the industry) and women referring to themselves as curvy (other than those doing online dating profiles - totally different blog post though).  For years, it was only one term that was mainstream and it was plus size.

You can pull up the web page for Lane Bryant today and on the tab is says Plus Size Clothing.  The same thing happens when you pull up the web page for Eloquii.  Now, when you find the web page for Torrid, the tab tells you the size ranges.  Here's what I'm asking - how can the industry expect us to use one term for our bodies when they don't?  

I've long worked under the assumption that we should call ourselves whatever we feel most comfortable with.  As for me, I still call my self a plus size woman.  Yes, I have curves and it is very obvious when I'm wearing my jeans from Old Navy, but other than that, I can't see them.  Now, do other people see my curves when I don't?  Yes.  However, curvy is just not what I am comfortable with.  Maybe one day I will be.  Maybe one day I won't.  Here's the one thing I know for sure - it is totally up to me!

Honestly, I think it is cool that people are cool with referencing themselves differently.  I love that people prefer to be called curvy.  I love the fact people loved being called plus size.  I love people who don't mind being called chunky.  I also love the fact people don't mind calling themselves thick.  Whatever you call yourself, make sure it has a positive connotation in your mind.  As long as you are comfortable and love the name you have given your body, enjoy it and wear it well.  

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