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I bought a new journal a few weeks ago.  Well, I don't know if I should call it a journal.  I like to call it my #BlackBook for my blog.  It's pretty fabulous because I get to draft everything.  By draft, I don't mean write down every single thing.  I mean just a book to get some ideas down.  

Well, this book is just special to me.  Not because I get to write in it, but because of what it says on the front.  For this reason, I'm going to share some things with you that made me want to buy this journal when I saw it in my local Target.  

Be Bold:  There is nothing wrong with being bold.  I've had to learn to be bold and stand up for myself.  I'm being bold with my clothing.  I'm being bold with my decisions.  I'm being bold with taking care of myself and loving myself.  Yes, I'm being bold by standing in the mirror and telling this size 18 body you are loved.  Believe me, that's pretty bold for me.  

Take Risks:  I think I take a risk every single time I decide to write.  I let you into the deepest portion of my life and that can be difficult.  Every single time I try on new clothes, I take a risk.  It's scary.  It's hard.  But if I never took a risk to start this blog, I would never have this wonderful blog community and you part of my life.

Live Life Freely:  I do what I want.  I do what I want, when I want.  I do what I want, when I want, how I want to do it.  Life is for the living and I am going to live it until I take my last breath.  

Lead By Example:  This is how I lead by example, by letting people of the next generation know that it is okay to be exactly who you are.  If you are plus size, be plus sized.  If you want to have tattoos all over your body, go for it.  Want to work in corporate America?  Go work in cooperate America.  I live my life so that people will know I lived it at the end, but I also plan on leaving behind a legacy that people will be happy to follow.  

Trust Your Gut:  My gut has never lead me in a bad direction.  It's when I try to start thinking about things that I always question myself.  You know how it is - you take a test and you erase the correct answer only to get it wrong?  Your gut is your intuition.  Ladies, we have gut intuition as well as female intuition.  We have a double dose and we need to use it.  Guys, can't speak for you, but I will tell you this - if your gut instinct says to do something, you might want to consider doing it.  

Say What You Feel:  Yeah, you may hurt a few feelings, but people will respect you for it.  No one want to be around people who cannot say (or write) what is really on your mind.  Besides, if you never say what you feel, people are going to take you for a ride (and it is not going to be a good ride).  Say what's on your mind and stand up for yourself.  You will be happy you did.

Mean What You Say:  Look, I don't have time for liars and, quite frankly, neither do you.  The only thing not real about me (on this post) is the fact that I don't use my government.  However, this is not the first time I've mentioned the fact that I use a writing alias.  However, if you don't mean the words that are coming out of your mouth, who is going to trust you?  If people don't trust you, you honestly have no foundation.  Without the foundation, you have absolutely nothing to stand on.  

Express Gratitude:  If you are nothing in this life, it is always important to be thankful.  Someone holds the door open for you, say thank you.  Someone picks up something you dropped and gives it to you, say thank you.  If anyone ever does anything nice to you or for you, say thank you!!!  

Believe In Your Power:  Let me tell you something I have learned about myself - I am more powerful beyond belief.  Let me tell you a secret about yourself?  You are way more powerful than what you believe.  I am great.  You are great.  Greatness is all around us and we need to embrace it.  

Exceed Your Expectations:  Set a goal and then kick that goal's behind and then some.  I really don't have anything else to tell you about this because you have to be willing to do this for yourself.  Again, life is about living and you have to be willing always go further than what you could have ever imagined

Dance The Night Away:  I have a wonderful friend that loves to dance, especially when people are not looking.  She gives me life and I love to dance with her.  I also love to dance in the rain.  So, rain or shine, dance like no one is watching and like it is going to be your last day.  

Skip Down The Street:  Yall, I love to skip!!!  I skip around my apartment.  There is a moment when I skip around my office.  Yep, don't really care.  I skip around my parents' house.  My mom doesn't like it, but it's me!!!  

Don't Take No For An Answer:  Here is what I've learned in my short life - no is just another way of saying not right now.  When I first wanted to write for an agency or publication, no one would give me a chance.  It took a few years (before I started this blog), but I can tell you that I have written for two agencies and, if I do say so myself, I have a pretty awesome blog.  

Be Your Best Self:  If you are not going to be yourself, who are you going to be?  I can only be me.  You can only be you.  There is no reason to be anyone else.  You are perfect just the way you are.  I am perfect just the way I am - size 18 and all! 

Don't Look Back:  Life is nothing without a few mistakes.  If you don't make a mistake, how can you learn or how can you teach someone else?  The thing is, don't dwell on the mistakes.  The past is the past and the view is always better when you are looking forward.  If I thought about all the things of my past that I would rather forget, I wouldn't feel like getting up in the mornings.  But here is the thing - every single thing I've gone through and survived has molded me into the person and writer I am today.  In other words, I wouldn't trade my past.  Besides, if I change one thing from my past, it might be the one thing that would turn me away from being a blogger today.  

That's why my new black book is so important to me.  I can get inspired each time I open it.  Once I get on the inside, I can get the deepest parts of my soul on the pages.  I know it is strange, but this book means so much to me.  I cannot wait to fill it with my heart and share it with all of you.  


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