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Arabian Nights

Disclaimer:  This is the first blog post where I did not come up with the title.  Hope you enjoy the post!  I had a rather interesting night with some great friends of mine earlier this week.  It was definitely quite an experience I will never forget and I hope it is something we get the chance to do again.  We had the chance to have a semi Muslim experience.   A friend of a friend (yep, that is seriously the best way to explain it), it from the Middle East and is Muslim.  I don't know how he got conned into cooked for us, but I am really glad he did.  I wasn't really sure what to expect as far as the food was concerned, but I did know I was going to have a wonderful time with my friends...and a wonderful time was had by all.    The meal was pretty basic.  Like I said, I didn't know what to expect - something elaborate or something simple.  What I got was something simple that was absolutely delicious.  When trying new stuff, I try not to be rude, but there was one

The shy factor

I had a bit of a shyness about me.  I'm not really shy, but it takes me a bit of a moment to get out of my shell.  By a bit of a moment, it could take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the situation.  By all standards of other people, I am very lively whenever I'm around people.  However, I have no problem fading into the background.  I'll tell anyone I like keeping a low profile. Well, since I like keeping a low profile, this project I have coming up with a wonderful friend of mine, aka the fabulous Denise , should come as no surprise.  We are getting ready to go on a fantastic journey with you and let you into our lives in another way - via podcast.  You know, just two adults pushing through life and having open and real conversations about things that matter to us and, of course, you too!   So, you know we are going to need your help.  As it gets closer to time, we will be needing some ideas.  I tell you that I write this blog for you and the podcast will

Ready for my close up!

Last month, I had the absolute pleasure of doing something I absolutely love - I did a photoshoot.  On top of that, I was able to shoot with one of my favorite photographers that I had not shot with in a long time - Casey of Casey Brannon Photography!   For starters, I knew I was going to have a wonderful shoot because I was shooting at the beach.  The weather that day was a little rough and I arrived later than the original plan because the weather had traffic stopped.  On the other hand, I was in the car with one of my besties and we were ready to have a fabulous road trip!   We arrived on the beach and the weather was absolutely perfect.  It's summer in the south and if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing it, let me just tell you this one thing - it's hot!!!  I'm really glad the weather was nice to us that day, well at least while we were at the beach, because it allowed Casey to get some wonderful shots.  I'm not sure if you follow me on Peris

Positively not positive?

When this whole body positive movement started, all I could think was woah, finally there is going to be a representation of me in a store.   Maybe I was silly to think that, but one could hope.   First, let me give a shoutout to the stores making it work.   Forever 21  has a beautiful plus line and I have been able to find some awesome pieces.  They are definitely coming along well in their quest for body positivity.  This next store is a recent find and I am so happy I found it!   Entourage  is a cute little boutique that does cater to the smaller sized female, but they recently launched a plus line.  New pieces are being added to their website each week.  What can I say about  Old Navy ?  I don't think I can say enough!  In my opinion, they have the best jeans I have ever worn and they have a great quality of clothing.  The only negative I have for the two stores I mentioned first is the plus size selection in the stores is very small, if it is in the store at all.  I hate ord

Loc me up!

Disclaimer:  Yes, I'm fully aware I look a mess in some of these photos.  However, getting my hair done is not a magical process.  It has to look rough before it looks flawless.  If you are looking for all perfect photos or perfect hair with me spinning around and bein g a model, you are at the wrong post.   I honestly did not want to get a protective style for the summer.  I was perfectly fine with twisting my hair and giving my fro new styles throughout the week.  However, where I live, the way the humidity is set it...and the way my job is set up (impromptu site visits in the humidity), a protective style was warranted.   Honestly, I didn't want senegalese twists because I had just had them in January.  Didn't really want havana twists because I had those last summer for a wedding.  I had thought about getting a crochet style, but I figured my head would start itching the next day.  I wanted to do something different and definitely not return back to micros.  It too

My BuJo 101

If you know me, I pride myself on being organized.  I survive with my calendar on my phone, on my computer at work for work, and (believe or not) with my paper calendar I also carry with me.  During job interviews, I tell them my best quality is my organization skills.  My boss tells me that he envies me because I'm always so organized and I can find stuff whenever he needs it.  Organization is just my thing.  So, imagine my absolute shock when I discovered the wonders of having a bullet journal?!   I don't know when this craze got started or who started it, but I'm glad they did.  I have been using Pinterest (yes, I'm shocked too) in order to find ideas.  But the one thing I have learned about this type of journal is I can do whatever I want!  I see where other people have made their designs really unique (I'll get there one day), but for me, I just love the fact of the absolute freedom of this journal.   Let's start with my base.  I know this is

Naked in the shower

Apparently, Dani Mathers was Playmate of the Year for 2015.  Not that I'm interested, but this is what the media wants you to know.  Here is what I want you to know - she was dead wrong for what she did today!  At the time of this post, you can check out the most recent story from TMZ right  here .  Out of respect for the woman in the photo, I will not be posting (hence why I also sent you to another site).   In case you decided to not hit the link, let me explain to you what happened.  Little Miss Dani took a photo of a naked woman in the shower of a gym and posted it to Snapchat.  She thought her little post was funny.  However, I don't think she expected the reaction she got to her little photo op.   This (seemingly average size) woman was minding her own business and taking a shower...more than likely after working out.  It was taken as Dani body shamming the woman (which is all the way true if you read her photo caption).  Well, let's just say people got so hyped a

Backstage Pass with Audrey Canady

Blogging is not easy.  There are so many people out there ready to give advice.  On the other hand, there are very few people out there giving advice who have been able to stand the test of time.  Well, that just is not the case when it comes to Audrey!  The fabulous Audrey Canady has been blogging since the days of MySpace.  Formerly known as Miss Moon of Miss Moon’s Musings, she has been going strong since 2009.  Being born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Audrey had plenty of inspirations. After checking out Audrey Can , which has been going strong since 2014, you will notice she writes about various topics!  She enjoys writing about so many things, including her beautiful natural hair, but it is so hard for her to pick a favorite subject.  She compares her blog to gumbo; her topics are the perfect ingredients and the blogs themselves give you a perfect blend of everything she has to offer.  Want to talk about fashion?  Go to Audrey!  Are you interested in life in general?  Au

Hands clean

This isn't going to be long because the jury is still out on this.  I know how I'm feeling.  I have a pretty good idea on how one of my other peeps is feeling.  Then, I'm supposed to be having a conversation with someone in the next few days about this madness.   However, I've learned that people who do not want help cannot be helped.  It's not being mean.  It's just being honest.  Why should I spend my energy helping someone who doesn't want my help when there is someone else I could be spending my time with who would appreciate anything I did for them?  That just doesn't make sense to me.   So, in order to keep me from doing the true definition of insanity, I think I may just have to leave the madness and the person alone.  I wish them the best.  Maybe we will cross paths again, but right now, I just cannot deal with the wreck she keeps wanting to be in.   Maturity comes with time and experience.  Notice I didn't say age because I know s

Conductor of my classical body

Disclaimer:  Not writing this post to start an online feud because that is just absolutely stupid.  However, anything I see that inspires me is fair game!  You have been warned.   Earlier tonight, I was hanging out on Twitter and a tweet caught my eye.  Actually, I think it was a series of tweets, but it was the first one that got me going.  I've been a fan of  Maestro Harrell  since his days on Surbugatory.  That show was my deal.  I'm not exactly sure when I started following him on Twitter, but I did because I liked him so much.   Well, tonight, you probably think my like for him has changed.  Nah!  One tweet doesn't change my opinion of a person.  I'm sure I've put out some questionable madness in my over 40k tweets.  That's the fun of it.  Maestro just really happened to catch my eye tonight.   I know that he means absolutely nothing by this tweet (at least that is what I am assuming), but it definitely got my attention!  Don't you just lov

Tears and fears

Each person with anxiety presents different.  No two people have the same exact anxiety triggers.  None of us have the same reactions to those triggers.  I think it is the many differences that make it so hard when trying to figure out this journey.  Even when it comes to myself, I be sitting there thinking  this is not how is happened last time!   It's annoying to me and I'm the only dealing with it!   This is how it went down - I was perfectly fine yesterday.  I had an awesome morning at work.  I  had a wonderful lunch with a great friend.  I had a great afternoon at the office.   I came home and cooked.  Then all hell broke loose!!!   I posted my madness on  Twitter .  I had someone ask me what was wrong and I didn't answer.  It's not that I didn't want to answer, it was because I didn't have an answer.  I know what caused the initial thought (that will remain to myself and God), but I'm not exactly sure what caused the snowball effect.  It went down