Sunday, July 3, 2016

Conductor of my classical body

Disclaimer:  Not writing this post to start an online feud because that is just absolutely stupid.  However, anything I see that inspires me is fair game!  You have been warned.  

Earlier tonight, I was hanging out on Twitter and a tweet caught my eye.  Actually, I think it was a series of tweets, but it was the first one that got me going.  I've been a fan of Maestro Harrell since his days on Surbugatory.  That show was my deal.  I'm not exactly sure when I started following him on Twitter, but I did because I liked him so much.  

Well, tonight, you probably think my like for him has changed.  Nah!  One tweet doesn't change my opinion of a person.  I'm sure I've put out some questionable madness in my over 40k tweets.  That's the fun of it.  Maestro just really happened to catch my eye tonight.  

I know that he means absolutely nothing by this tweet (at least that is what I am assuming), but it definitely got my attention!  Don't you just love it when things get my attention?  

So, the first tweet.  I actually have two problems with this tweet.  First, he said fat girls.  I don't particularly like that word, but some chicks have owned it and are loving it.  MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE (let me make sure I make that clear) is for people to call me thick or plus size.  

My second problem with this tweet is that he (in my opinion) assumes that we take photos 3 inches away from our face because we don't want to show the rest of our body.  Nah!  It's not always like that for me.  

I take photos like that sometimes (especially in my car) because of lighting and the angle I'm trying to accomplish!  Have you ever seen those photos I take at my desk?  There is no way I can get my entire body in that screen because the lighting at my desk is absolutely horrible.  Not that I'm not secure with myself, but I'm trying to get a certain look.  

Let's take a look at the follow up tweets.  It's misleading.  How?  Am I misleading you if I'm trying to get a certain view for my page that I'm happy with?  If you look at any of my social media sites, you see face, full body, and stuff from different angles.  How am I misleading you if I don't have a private account?  In other words, go have a look for yourself.  I don't have to post a full body pic each day.  

False advertisement.  Really?  What exactly do you think I'm advertising?  When I take full body photos, more than likely I'm advertising my clothes.  If I'm doing a face, most than likely I'm advertising the fact that I'm happy or I'm showing you my makeup for the day.  Nothing false about it really (well, except when I get ready to get these hair extensions this week to protect this natural hair from the summer)!  

If you know anything about me, you know what I did, right?  Of course I responded.  And since I have absolutely nothing to hide, I took a screenshot of that message too.  

I think I responded rather well and rather calmly.  I'm not ashamed of being a size 18.  For the past 2 years, I've fluctuated between a 16 and 18.  Right now, I'm holding steady at 18.  I'm cool with that and now he knows that too. 

At the time this post was being written, I haven't gotten a single response from Maestro, any of his followers, or anyone from his camp.  For some reason, I have a feeling this post might change that, but I'm ready for it.  Depending on the responses, it might call for a follow-up post or just an update to this post.  It all just depends on how I am feeling at the moment.  

Now, I know with this screenshot, you cannot see my entire outfit.  But don't fear!!!  Like I said, I didn't write this tonight to start any trouble and since I'm not starting any trouble, I'm not hiding anything.  

Above, you can clearly see the mirror pictures I'm referring to.  Need more references, feel free to check out my Instagram page.  If you are easily offended by guns and liquor, you might not want to look at it though.  However, if you love positive vibes, with a little bit of madness in between, give me a follow.  

Before you ask, yes I do some photo editing to get the lighting better, but I have never altered my shape.  What you see is what you get when it comes to my body - like it, leave it, or love it!  

So, Maestro, I hope I cleared up why I take photos 3 inches away from my face sometimes.  Also, I hope you find the time to check out my sites and maybe even follow me.  I support you, so why don't you consider supporting a thick chick?   

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