Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hands clean

This isn't going to be long because the jury is still out on this.  I know how I'm feeling.  I have a pretty good idea on how one of my other peeps is feeling.  Then, I'm supposed to be having a conversation with someone in the next few days about this madness.  

However, I've learned that people who do not want help cannot be helped.  It's not being mean.  It's just being honest.  Why should I spend my energy helping someone who doesn't want my help when there is someone else I could be spending my time with who would appreciate anything I did for them?  That just doesn't make sense to me.  

So, in order to keep me from doing the true definition of insanity, I think I may just have to leave the madness and the person alone.  I wish them the best.  Maybe we will cross paths again, but right now, I just cannot deal with the wreck she keeps wanting to be in.  

Maturity comes with time and experience.  Notice I didn't say age because I know some people older than me who are absolutely immature!!!  I don't know if her time hasn't come yet or if they want to keep playing victim, but I'm ready to move on.  I gave it my best shot, but this is not worth my sanity.  

I wave my white flag! 

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