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Anxi Overload Weekend

Last week, my Friday started off pretty normal.  I knew I was leaving work early and was super excited about that.  I had a few errands to run, so that gave me plenty of time to get my stuff done and not worry about the weekend traffic. I knew I had all these wonderful plans for the weekend and I was really looking forward to it, but then, all hell broke loose.  

Friday around 10ish, my desk phone rang.  That doesn't happen often, but I was definitely surprised at who was on the other end.  I had told someone they could use me as a reference.  Well, it came to my attention this person is lying on his job applications and he is lying on me!  Needless to say, I'm correcting the lie, but it is making him look bad in the process.  Quite frankly, that isn't my problem.  However, let me tell you what you are not going to do - you're not going to mess up my career by telling a lie about me.  In a huge twist of fate, the person on the other end of my phone was a guy I had met on a job site a couple of weeks ago.  So, when we realized we had seen each other, he started talking about me and asking me about my career.  Well, we had to get back to it.  He asked what can you tell me about this person?  I was honest and since he told me a little bit more than what I needed to know, I'm pretty confident this is not going to go in the person's favor.  

I hung up the phone and I sat at my desk and thought about the call.  The more I thought about it, the more upset I got.  I just could not believe that someone would be actually dumb enough to lie on a job application.  They always find out about the lie, whether you finally tell the truth or someone tells on you.  Either way, it's just not going to work in your favor!  Needing to cool off, I text a friend of mine who has helped me so much in my career and told him I was getting ready to call him because I was livid.  I called him, told him about the situation and because he's worked with this company longer than me, he knew exactly who I had talked to.  He told me I did the right thing to be honest about the situation and that the guy I talked to would remember the words I told him.  He also told me I needed to take care of the person I was being a reference for because what he was doing wasn't right.  

Ironically, my Friday got a little more annoying before it got better!  I mean, it really had no choice, right?  Well, I saw someone I hadn't seen in a while.  Then I had a wonderful bowl of cereal for lunch.  Hey, sometimes I have to satisfy the cereal craving.  Then, I went over to my old office to pay some people a visit and to pick up my love.  While I was there, I told my old boss about what happened earlier in the day.  He's another person who has been instrumental in my engineering career.  Yep, that's my day job.  He couldn't believe what I was telling him and he basically told me you need to handle that.  Well, since I was annoyed about the situation, I haven't handled it yet, but it will get taken care of this week.  

The other annoying situation - well, I think it comes from another lie that was told about me.  I get an email from someone at church asking me to contact someone...and it basically boils down to this feeling - someone lied and said I did not contact them.  Well, I save emails.  I love to save emails!  Needless to say, this came in handy.  I forwarded all the emails to the person who contacted me and basically showed her all the times I had contacted this person and hadn't heard a single thing from her.  Well, back and forth between she and I and she finally asks, do you mind if I send her your number?  I didn't mind, but it took hours for the person causing the madness to text me.  

She finally texts me and she asks me some general questions, which most could have been answered on the website she had to look at.  Well, I told her the location of the meeting and instead of her saying ok, she instead tries to correct me on the location.  In my mind, I was thinking, how are you going to tell me about where I've been meeting people and you haven't even had the common courtesy to contact me back after I've emailed you countless times?  But, I did the bigger person thing and simply gave her the address and told her to have a good day.  She apologized, but she was still out of place.  

Let's move on to Saturday.  She said she would meet us there, but instead 10 minutes before the meeting was supposed to start, she sends me a text letting me know she won't be able to make it, but it was her excuse that floored me!  You cause all this trouble and then you have this dumb excuse as to why you not going to show up and you do it 10 minutes before the meeting?  She had said she wanted to meet up with us Sunday too.  Needless to say, we didn't hear from her.  Are you really shocked though?  I don't have the energy for her or her madness.  

Basically, my Saturday morning just went down hill!  Luckily, God (yes, because that's the only way I can explain this) stepped in and worked this stuff all the way out!  One of my besties was able to show up and it honestly made the difference of my morning.  Actually, it made the difference in my day.  I'm not sure if I would have survived the day had she not been there.  Nope, not saying I would have done anything cray cray, but I would have not been as nice of a person and probably wouldn't have laughed as much!  Seeing as how she had an inside scoop on the drama that was happening, she really came in during a clutch moment for me.  She knew my anxiety was on a different level and she also knew I had actually forgotten to take my anxiety med.  

That brings us to Sunday.  I think I already told you this, but ol' girl from Friday didn't even make an attempt to contact me. Oh well...moving on.  So, sat beside my awesome friend at church and then we went and had brunch because I had a pancake craving I needed to satisfy.  We laughed, we talked, and then we laughed some more.  

My anxiety gets weird when things start happening to me!  I don't like to be lied on.  I like a schedule and to know what I'm walking into.  Well that was thrown off too!  I don't deal well with last minute madness and that is basically what happened all weekend!  However, I'm still learning to cope.  Had my friend not been there, I would have just gone on about my day and did some more work in my blog...which I had planned anyway.  I probably would have taken a longer nap.  I would have gotten some drafts done.  I would have tried again at Starbucks.  Woah, totally forgot about that story - Starbucks was taking so long, I had to back out of the drive-thru so I could go on about my day and be on time for what I had to do.  Funny part, my gas light as soon as I got out of line, my gas light came on.  I definitely would have lost control if I had run out of gas trying to get a frap.  It wasn't that serious!  

So, all madness aside, I ended up having a pretty good weekend.  I didn't get things worked on that I wanted to get completed this weekend on the business side of my blog, but I did get some things done.  I got an application completed.  I got some rest.  I did all of my laundry.  And most of all, I proved to myself I am capable of getting through a really rough anxiety weekend!  I'm sure this won't be the last one, but I hope to not have a weekend that rough ever again.  

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