Monday, August 22, 2016

Fall into Fall

It is absolutely no secret that my favorite season is Winter.  I love Winter and Winter loves me.  I was blessed enough to be born in the Winter.  If I'm lucky, I will see some snow flurries and everything will shut down (except for my job).  If I'm really lucky, I'll get trapped in NC at the house of my parentals and my mom will make me some snow cream.  I just love the Winter and I cannot tell you that enough.  But, this post isn't about Winter, but instead about the season that carries us over into winter - Fall (or Autumn, depending on how you are feeling).  

I have a love/hate relationship with Fall.  Sometimes, I can get through the season perfectly fine and only have to worry about getting my wardrobe ready.  Then there are those times when I get the most horrible fall allergies and I just want to stay in the house and watch the leaves change.  I love the fall because I like it getting dark a little bit early, but then again I hate it because the most horrible drivers come out at night!  I hate fall because people get a little sense of a chill in the air and they turn on the heat, but I love fall because of that little chill in the air.  See?  It's just a weird relationship.  However, there is one thing I know for certain - Fall is upon us and we must be prepared.  

Let's go ahead and get this one out of the way - who's ready for some football?!?!?!  I know I am!  In September, I already have plans for an event and the theme is favorite football jersey.  I already know what jersey I will be wearing - #HTTR!  College football and pro football call my name!  Quite frankly, it takes a lot for me to not be in front of a TV during football season.  

Ok, so football is not the only reason to enjoy this cooler season change.  I love the sights and smells of Fall.  It is fair time!  Truth be told, I don't have to ride a thing - I just need to find me some cinnamon donuts and lemonade (which is basically lemon flavored sugar) and I will be perfectly fine.  Just the smell of the fair makes me happy!  I love being around all the people and listening to the screams of the people who realize they made horrible decisions getting on certain rides.  

Want to know another smell I enjoy?  Pumpkin spice!  Lawd, I cannot wait for Starbucks to bring back my favorite seasonal flavor.  I keep money loaded on my Starbucks app just for emergencies!  (Yes, it is that serious).  Another thing I enjoy is flavored coffee and hot cocoa!  I would add tea to this list, but I drink hot green tea year round (thanks, Lipton)!  

Alright, now let's get to the real reason you probably came to this blog - beauty and fashion.  Since I am going to devote a post later on totally to fashion, I'll keep this section simple.  It's time for a basic wardrobe change!  Of course, keep the jeans, but it's time to change up the shirts to fall colors.  Shoe game is going to be awesome because boots are going to be added to the outfit agenda.  And there is nothing better than a cute little jacket to putt everything together.  Like I said, since I'm devoting a post in the next week entirely to a shopping adventure, I'll just stop this one right here.  Let's move on to beauty!  

Peeps, I know you do not want to, but you are probably going to have to change some, if not all, of your makeup.  Eye shadows will more than likely remain (especially if you are like me and have so many colors).  Depending on if you just have a signature lip color, those may change for you too.  However, foundations and concealers will probably have to be changed.  How do I know this?  Well, over the weekend, I had to go get a new concealer.  It's just what happens.  The summer is fading and so are those tans (yes, I know I have a natural tan, but I do tan and I do burn and it is a horrible experience for me)!  Set aside some money, find a color that works for you, and then stock up for the fall and winter.  

My final reason I love falling into Fall so much is life change!  This is my semiannual life cleanse.  It falls perfect for me because although I'm born in the Winter, my birthday is near the end of the season.  I get to do another life cleanse during my second favorite time of the year - Fall!!!  My life cleanse is simple - purge the people, places, and things (basically the nouns) that are no longer good for me, re-evaluate my wellness, and make some changes.  I know it may sound simple, but it most definitely is not.  I actually put a lot of time into this process because it can be difficult to let go of the nouns, especially people, but when you know they are not good for you - YOU MUST LET THEM GO!!!  I don't care of you used to hang out in the crib (not the house, an actual crib) together.  No two people are on the same path and many times, the same people you started the journey with are not going to be there with you when it ends - not because of death, but because life takes twists and turns.  

I'm thrilled Fall starts is about a month!  I'm ready for cooler temperatures, evenings on my patio, and cool walks!  Plus, my power/gas bill will go down and I love saving me a little bit of money! 

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