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Red Bulls Eye

It is not a big secret that one of my absolute favorite places to shop is Target!  I love Target!  I love going in there for my cleaning supplies, some snacks, plastic cutlery to take to work, and even to grab me a frap from Starbucks.  If you notice, clothing was not on that list...until now.  

Target was just not on my radar when it came to clothes, but my amazing friend has changed my mind!  I told her I can't wear jeans from Target and she took that as her personal mission to help me find some jeans from Target.  Well, this weekend was the weekend I had been waiting for - a shopping adventure with my friend and OMG, it was so worth it.  I didn't end up buying jeans, but I did get some good pieces!  

There is nothing more fabulous than a cute top.  I mean, your jeans, shoes, and accessories can be on point, but if your top is not right, there is a problem!  Tops pull together outfits, in my opinion, because they are the first thing people pay attention to!  I was able to get lucky over the weekend and score some beautiful tops from Target.  Now, I won't be mentioning labels right now, but you know when I start wearing these gems, you can find all the details on my Instagram page!  

Just because I want to have some element of surprise on my Instagram page, I'll just give you a hint of what I found over the weekend.  I'm not a big fan of flower prints.  Honestly, I think the print itself has a tendency to be a bit too much for me.  However, this shirt I found really stood out to me and I am really glad I tried it on.  Had I just looked at it on the hanger, I would have not even considered bringing this top out of the store.  On the other hand, my friend insisted I try on the top and she was absolutely right - it looked great on me and I am so happy I took the risk with the florals.  I have to admit though, I honestly loved the back of this shirt before I tried it on.  It just looks like something I would wear for a couple of reasons - I like different cutout sections in tops and I like tops that show my tattoo (because it is my first and favorite).  I think I'll save the photo of the back of the shirt for a later post!  

So, let's talk about these jeans.  I'm curvy and I'm short.  Typically, those things don't mix well in the plus size designer world.  I avidly shop at Old Navy for jeans and will continue to do so!  However, it feels good to know that if I cannot get to an Old Navy but there is a Target near by, I can find a pair of jeans to fit my plus body.  I was so excited to be able to wear these jeans, but it didn't start out like that.  

I'm my rush to try on clothes, I thought I grabbed the size 20 jeans.  By they way, the jeans in Target are cut smaller, so you will have to go up a size (I typically wear an 18).  Well, I was trying to zip the jeans and my heart dropped because I couldn't get them zipped.  As I was taking them off, I discovered I had tried on the size 18.  Oops!  Don't worry, the size 20 fit perfectly fine and felt good on my legs!  

Yes, the legs!!!  Truthfully, that is why I love Old Navy jeans so much because they fit me in the wait, the butt, and the legs.  For me, it is really hard to find that combination so when I found it, I stuck with it!  I'll continue to stick with it, but I also know Target is an option.  As you can see in the photo, I am having the typical problem I have being a short girl - the jeans are too long!  Don't worry, there is a wonderful lady in my city who takes care of all of my clothing alteration needs!  I keep her in business!  

Of course, I had to try on a dress!  I didn't walk out the store with this summer style, but it was definitely right up my alley!  I love tie dye.  I don't know where I get it from, but it just makes me happy!  My mom will even buy me tie dye gear because she knows my love for it.  Maybe I like it so much because it is different and so am I!  This dress felt good on me and I didn't feel like I was being cute in half.  I would definitely call that a win!  

Now that I've had some help shopping in Target, I can honestly say I will start paying more attention to their plus size clothing selection.  Also, don't knock the maternity section!  I found a cute top in that section and it is hanging in my closet right now.  No shame in my game.  If it is cute, I can wear it, and I can afford it, then more than likely it is coming home with me!  Another thing, I will also be checking out their bathing suit selection next summer!  I found a cute 2 piece (that wasn't a tankini) and I was actually shocked at how flattering it was on my body.  Nope, you will not be seeing a photo, but maybe next year.  

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at all of the things I was able to find in a store I only use for the things previously mentioned.  I had definitely been sleeping on the plus size selection in Target, but I won't make that mistake again.  Now, I know this store might not be for you!  We all have different styles in clothing and that is fine.  In fact, it is the differences that make life so perfect.  So, whatever store you go to, happy shopping and I hope you find what you are looking for...and then some! 

And as promised, let me say a special thank you to Hope!  She was the lady working the fitting room area and she was so patient because we had to keep swapping out items because they have a 10 item limit.  She was absolutely wonderful and so helpful!  Yes, I know that she will probably never see this, but I have to give credit where credit is due! 

Photo credit: All taken by my amazing friend on my phone! 



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    1. Unfortunately, it stayed in the store because for some reason, my dress game stepped way up this summer!


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