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Unorthodox Introvert

So, I believe in being absolutely honest with you.  I was actually supposed to write this post in July.  It was on my list of things to write.  It just didn't happen.  There was about a week in July where I took an unexpected break, but I'm glad I did.  It was refreshing, but I admit, I was glad to get back to this blog and to you.  With that being said, I have to give some extra credit to someone.  

Yesterday, I received a text from my rockstar of a friend.  I have told her on more than one occasion that I'm an introvert and just never believed me...until she found something.  I've never knowingly read any of her work, but I'm so thankful for Augusta Statz.  She writes for a few outlets, but this post was sent to me from SimpleMost.  Just fyi, I'm going to go down this list in the order she went.    

In this post, she wrote so wonderfully about what it means to be an outgoing introvert and I literally was everything she said.  It was like she was in my head or something.  Now that I have a more firm basis to go off of, I feel more comfortable sharing with you a bit of my story.  In other words, maybe I wasn't supposed to write this post in July.  Well, here is a little bit more about myself.  

I have always thought of myself as having a very unique personality.  Sometimes I feel like talking to you and other times, I could really care less if you exist at that particular moment.  Within the same hour, I can go from the most fun person around to people wondering what's up with that chick.  My most favorite thing is that I never know what I'm going to be that day, so that definitely means you are left in the dark.  I've accepted the fact all of these different faces make up the face you see.  It's amazing to have all these different personas, even though some people may think it is weird.
In my own way, I'm getting ready to explain to you the six things Statz mentioned and make them all about me!  

1 - I'm Selectively Social
Yes, yes, and yes!!!  When I first read this, it almost brought a tear to my eye.  When people ask me to go out, if I don't feel like going out, I'M NOT GOING!!!  Plain and simple.  And seriously, stop asking because I know how to stick to my guns.  I'm also very picky about my going out options.  If I feel a certain place just isn't my scene, don't expect to find me there.  I don't care if it is your birthday party or anything else that has a gift involved.  I will bring you your gift and let you go enjoy your festivities.  This also means I do what I want!  If I tell you no to an event, but yet you see a social media post of me a couple of hours later out and about, let it be!  I'm allowed to change my mind about going out.  Within the first 30 minutes of being with you at an event, I may be ready to go home.  You just never know with me.  Just another reason to be thankful for Uber - I can get out when I'm ready to get out.  Finally, if I don't want to go out, stop asking me why!  I'm an adult and you don't need a reason for as to why I don't want to go out.  Seriously, if I don't want to go out, just accept it, then go out and have a good time.  

2 - I have a very small group of friends
In this case, smaller is better.  A solid reason for me having a small circle of friends is because less friends = less drama.  I can't take drama.  In fact, I don't do well with drama at all.  I'll look you in the face and probably roll my eyes at the foolishness.  Quite frankly, I like to keep my circle down to 10 friends at a time.  I don't like to use the term close friends because if you are in my small circle, you have to be close to me.  Then, when you defy my circle, you're out.  Don't get me wrong, I'll still talk to you and you won't even notice a change, but you won't get to know anything about me that you will get pleasure of spreading.  If truth be told, I can see you at various times during the week and you will not be anything more to me than an acquaintance.  

3 - I love meeting new people, but it is exhausting
I really love new people!!!  I love listening to stories.  However, I do not enjoy listening to your entire life story.  Sometimes, some of you really do exhaust me.  Also, if I'm just meeting you, I'm not really cool if I see you trying to be the center of attention.  We're all there just trying to have a good time, so just let it be.  Also, if we are just chilling out, don't try to one up everybody.  Yes, we've all had experiences, but sometimes, you do not have the most interesting story.  Listening to your story is just exhausting because then I think  you are just filling in to make it more interesting.  It's exhausting because I'm trying to figure out what is the truth.  Just be yourself!  However, every new person I meet is an adventure...I just choose whether or not I wish to continue the adventure.  But, just a warning, as soon as you exhaust me, I'm done.  

4 - I value my alone time
This is all the way me!!!  I love me some me time!  But, I'm really cool about giving you a warning about me having me time.  Seriously, when I take me time, it sometimes involves me going off the map and that may last a few days.  It may just last a few hours.  It all depends on how I am feeling.  However, you need to respect my me time.  Here are a few things that take up me time - pedicures, writing, vacation, and anything else I want involved in me time.  That can be me jamming out to music all day long and not answering my phone.  I love screening my calls and I love a certain feature on my phone that won't even let it ring for people I don't want it to ring for during certain times.  So, if you see a warning about me time go up on any of my social media, don't worry about contacting me until you notice me coming off of me time.  Just to be honest, don't think just because you see me tweeting or posting photos on instagram it means I'm off of me time.  You know how I get when things catch my attention - if I feel like sharing, I'm going to share.  

5 - I can be the life of the party
If your party is dead and I feel like attending, I can come brighten it all the way up!  That's just what I do!  I love making sure people are having a good time.  I love having a good time at places I want to be.  I love seeing people have a good time.  If you're not having a good time, I'm going to do what I can to help change that situation.  I love to laugh!  If you hear me laughing, all is well in my world.  I also enjoy the chance to be loud.  Loud music, loud talking, loud car horns, and other things that make noise, I'm all about it...when I don't feel like being by myself.  

6 - It takes me time to warm up to people
I treat people the same way I treat TV shows - you go through a time of me feeling you out.  For TV shows, I give them a two week trial period.  For people, I give you about 20 minutes.  However, please keep in mind, just because I am cool with you, it doesn't mean we are friends.  Believe me, it takes a lot to be part of the ten, but if you make it there, you will know it!  Don't force me to like you.  Just let it happen.  However, just like I know everyone is not going to like me, please keep in mind that not everyone is going to like you.  Sometimes, personalities don't mix and depending on which version of me you are meeting, we may be cool the first time and I cannot stand you the second time.  Just let it be.  It's nothing you have done, it's just the person I am.  Here is the greatest warning of them all - if I am not vibing with you and you just won't stop talking, I'll just stop responding.  Unless you feel like talking to yourself, I would assume that you will stop talking.  If you don't, I'll just find a cool opportunity to escape.  We all have to use the bathroom, right?  

There you have it.  My version of being an introvert!  Nah, it's not normal, but it's me.  I hope this helps you when it comes to understanding me a little bit more.  Yeah, I'm different, but I embrace it and I am fine with it.  Like it or not, this is me!!!

Photo credit: JoeInSouthernCA via / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: hang_in_there via / CC BY
Photo credit: Reeda via Visual Hunt / CC BY


  1. I have plenty of friends who can fully relate to this! Sometimes there are things they want to do and things they don't want to do so they avoid it. I'm with you on needing my privacy as well as alone time. It just makes sense. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! My alone time is on another level. It's almost a disappearing act, but I need it. It's just good to know there are other people out there like me and people out there who understand me.

  2. I love this one. My favorite about you.

    1. Thank you! This was a fun one to write because I finally felt I had figured out how to describe who I really am when it comes to my personality.

  3. I love this one. My favorite about you.


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