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This is Awesome

I don't know if I have ever done this, but let me just say the new show on NBC by the name of This Is Us is absolutely amazing.  It's been a long time since I felt like I could actually relate to a character on a show.  I know what you are thinking - you like Grey's Anatomy so you can relate to them because you are intelligent.  Or my absolute favorite of, but you enjoy Black-ish because they look like you.  Ok, whatever to both statements!  

There is so much more to me than being intelligent and being a black chick with a fro.  In case you didn't also notice from my photos, I'm a thick chick.  I mean, my blog is actually called The Plus Diaries so, um....yeah.  People who look like me are not seen on my television screen.  You're probably thinking, but what about Gabby from Empire?  I can see where your point would be valid, but I don't really relate to her character on the show.  However, a character I can relate to right now is Kate from This is Us.  


Update on Taylor - part II

I've been rather reluctant to write this update.  Not because I don't think it is important enough to be shared, but because this update actually hurts a little bit more than the first update.  For those of you really needing to catch up, you can read from the very beginning by clicking right here.

If you want me to be honest with you, I'm pretty sure the Taylor I once knew no longer exists.  When I see Taylor in the hallway, it's just not the same.  The person who would once stop and talk to me now is just focused on whatever task they are trying to accomplish.  When Taylor needs something to help complete a job duty, Taylor speaks as little as possible.  

Truth be told, I miss Taylor.  We had some pretty cool conversations and Taylor had an interesting personality.  I would like to think the Taylor I once knew still exists somewhere deep down inside.  Why do I think that?

Even though I'm medicated, I don't think my personality changed.  However, if you really kn…

Failure is not an option

I'm all about trying new stuff.  It you don't try, you will always wonder if it was going to work.  When you try and it doesn't work out the first time, you're supposed to learn from it.  Well, this is exactly what happened to me on Thursday - I tried something new and I learned from it.  

I tried doing a tweetchat on this past Thursday.  I had been part of several of these and I wanted to try one for myself.  Needless to say, I thought it was an epic failure...but it wasn't.  Ironically, the next day, I already had a meeting scheduled with my talent manager.  She asked me how it went.  I could have told her it was absolutely horrible and that no one participated (which is true), but I had already decided even though I knew it was a failure, I refused to not take something from the experience.  

Since I have been involved in a few of these myself, I now have a plan.  Before you even ask, nope, not telling you my plan.  Just please know and understand, next time I dec…

The truth about blogging

Let me just be straight up - blogging is hard.  This isn't just me sitting in front of a laptop or my tablet and writing.  This is my brain working hard to make sure the right words come together.  Blogging is getting the right photos and GIFs together.  And don't get me started on when I'm actually taking the photos myself - I have to have great lighting, make sure it is edited properly, and don't even get me started on proper placement.  I mean, in a recent post, I used an analogy using ice cream and I had to place the photo where it would make sense.  

It's hard to be a blogger.  I currently only blog part-time, but I eventually want to get to a point where I am making a decent income with my blog and everything that comes under my blog umbrella.  I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but I also know it is not going to come overnight.  

I cannot tell you how many late nights I have stayed up because my blogging brain keeps moving!  I am constantly t…

This business is for my pleasure

Most afternoons when I get home from my day job (which I do love), I spend time cooking (if I need to), eating, taking some time in my bullet journal, working out, and working in The Plus Diaries!  However, there is one thing I don't think a lot of people understand - The Plus Diaries just isn't this blog.  There is so much more stuff under this umbrella of one name.  There is a non-profit section.  There is a podcast section (coming soon).  There is taking the time to set up and complete interviews for this blog.  There is my inner MUA and stylist that loves helping people feel and look their best.  There's a little bit more, but I figured that was enough to get my point across.  Basically, I work hard and I hope that my blog and everything under my blog is a reflection of the hours I put in to get this complete!  

That is so true!  I do type with a purose and my purpose is to provide a great blog that you will want to keep coming back to and even follow because y…

Music + friends + fashion = awesome night!

Last night was one of the best nights of my life, even though it also ended up with me being super tired today! However, it was totally worth it - from the music to the fashion.  I could not have imagined a better night and I'm thankful for the wonderful peeps I was with to make it so great.  

I attended a concert last night where the main event was Maroon5, with their opening acts being R City and ToveLo. The funny part is that the person I was with wasn't really familiar with the opening acts, so she thought.  However, we rocked out all night long and the people we were sitting around made it even better.  

Although the music was absolutely awesome and Maroon5 performed all of my favorites, I had the most fun looking at the fashion and enjoying the fact a lot of people love to take fashion risks at concerts.  

As we were walking out, we saw an older woman wearing a sheer dress and basically only had on underwear.  I know as I described it, you are probably thinking ew, and I am…

Thursday Announcement

If you haven't been keeping up with my life in the past 72 hours, you probably didn't know I had a rather interesting Thursday.  I mean, I had to post something on my Instagram (which I'm about to explain) that morning, then someone tried (but failed) to come for me on my Twitter.  Of course, I wrote about that ordeal too right here.  I'm a blogger (which I think he had no clue), so what did you really expect?  However, that caused this post to be late...simply because I try not to post 2 blogs on the same day.  

I pride myself in being honest with my readers.  Sometimes, that means I have to give you a bit of a story before I get to my reason for the post itself.  Let me go ahead and warn you, this is going to be one of those times.  

Thursday morning, I woke up and I had some new followers on Instagram.  I absolutely love getting new followers and most of the time, I follow them back...if I think they are cool.  If I can tell you are a bot, I automatically block you.  …

Backstage Pass with Glen Bramlitt

It's a beautiful thing to be able to pick up a pencil, pen, marker, needle and thread, yarn, or whatever you desire and make a piece of art to showcase your personality.  The creation can come in the form of a blog, a new outfit, a beautiful blanket, or whatever else your great mind has imagined.  Those are all well and good, but for the creative mind of Glen Bramlitt, he prefers drawing.  
Although his perfect artistic work space would consist of a place with plenty of natural light, music, lots of white space, along with a few spotlights, he wouldn't mind traveling and getting inspiration from a vacation in Fiji or spending some time in the Mediterranean.  His artistic mind is constantly working and it is evident, especially in his hobbies.  Although he loves drawing as a part-time career, he also enjoys doing it as a hobby.  Some of his other hobbies include airbrushing, woodworking, logo design, and tattoo design.  If it's artistic, he probably enjoys it. Growing up in …


Let me tell you about a few things I was going to do before I actually started this post.  1 - I was going to write a disclaimer because I really don't want to offend anyone, but then I thought this dude really was rude and not worthy of a disclaimer.  2 - I thought I already had a title, but then my mind started racing because there is so much I need to say, so I figure waiting for a title is the right thing to do.  3 - Just because I write this blog, but love the fact that my readers and followers give me all types of inspiration, I was going to wait and do a poll to see if I should do this post....but this one is too important for me to pass up.  

Now that we have gotten those formalities out of the way, let me get to the meat of this post. 

Football season is officially back and I could not be more excited!  I am a football fanatic!  My team is the Washington Redskins (I grew up watching them before my state had a team).  However, because I grew up in North Carolina and not too …

No More Excuses!

I have a really amazing set of people in my life whom I consider to be my close friends.  My circle is only about 10 strong, but those 10 people are truly blessings and each one of them bring something unique to my life.  Now, just because I love the 10 doesn't mean the 10 know each other or they know the same things about me.  There is still some privacy I like to maintain and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.  Also, I know who I can tell stuff to and who I cannot.  I just know their sensitive points and they know mine.  It's just a respect thing.  Why the long opening?  Well, the rest of the 10 are about to get told something only 2 knew about - 1 because they encouraged me to do it and the other because she helped me to get it accomplished.  

Before I started working with my current Talent Manager, I was actually signed to an agency for two years.  Once that contract ran out, I found it best to part ways with them.  However, there is something that kept bu…

Foodie File - Zucchini Boats!

A few weeks ago, I started seeing a dish floating around social media.  When I figured out what it was, I was a little bit excited because I absolutely love zucchini!  Well,  when I learned I could basically make these however I wanted, I was even more excited.  So, tonight, I will take this opportunity to tell you about a meal I tried for dinner, with my own twist .  Tonight, my meal was zucchini boats!  

Since I didn't really know if I was going to like how these turned out, I started out just using two zucchinis.  In order to make the boats, I had to empty the zucchini.  In other words, I had to scoop out the insides of the zucchini I was getting ready to use.  Don't worry, I put that to good use later in this meal.  Once I had the zucchini scraped down to where I was pleased, I placed them in the dish I was going to use to bake them.  

To fill my boats, I decided to use other veggies and shrimp.  Yes, I know I talk a lot about using shrimp, but it is filling to me and it is …

The Working Plus

When I was in college and starting my job search, I did like a bunch of normal college students and participated in a job fair.  This is actually I how I was able to get internships.  Well, my college department offered additional things for us in the engineering department - including an engineering job fair and mock interviews.  It was during the engineering job fair when things got a little bit crazy.  

An organization at the engineering job fair was trying to find minorities and of course, I gave it a try.  I talked to the recruiter and he told me about the organization he was representing.  I was highly intrigued, but then the conversation came to an end, but not before a dangerous twist.  The recruiter told me that I needed to changed my look.  

Now, I admit, I probably had red hair extensions at the time.  Once I figured out red looked good in my hair, I kept with it.  But it wasn't my hair he was talking about.  I distinctly remember him telling me I needed to lose weight in…