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Let me tell you about a few things I was going to do before I actually started this post.  1 - I was going to write a disclaimer because I really don't want to offend anyone, but then I thought this dude really was rude and not worthy of a disclaimer.  2 - I thought I already had a title, but then my mind started racing because there is so much I need to say, so I figure waiting for a title is the right thing to do.  3 - Just because I write this blog, but love the fact that my readers and followers give me all types of inspiration, I was going to wait and do a poll to see if I should do this post....but this one is too important for me to pass up.  

Now that we have gotten those formalities out of the way, let me get to the meat of this post. 

Football season is officially back and I could not be more excited!  I am a football fanatic!  My team is the Washington Redskins (I grew up watching them before my state had a team).  However, because I grew up in North Carolina and not too far from Charlotte, I definitely cheer for the Carolina Panthers as well.  My neighbors have probably come to hate football season because of my antics, even during the late Sunday and Monday night games!  Don't believe me?  Just take a look at the conversation I had with my mom earlier today.  

Well, with everything going on with athletes fighting against some of the injustices happening in our country right now, there was no doubt the National Anthem was going to have some controversy.  Let me just say, there was definitely controversy.  But what I didn't expect for me to end up in the madness.  
During the performance of the National Anthem tonight, Brandon Marshall (of the Denver Broncos) decided to take a knee.  Now, I hadn't heard about him doing this earlier in the day (because this is obviously news), but I could have also been distracted with the news of Tim Tebow possibly playing baseball in my current city next year.  Yep, I like baseball too, but only when I'm at the ballpark because it's boring to me on TV.  Back to football!  

I'm pretty confident after the first TV shot of Marshall taking a knee (which in my opinion, they kept going back to him for no reason - we saw him take a knee and we got it), he started trending on twitter.  Yes, I saw a particular post that caught my eye and I retweeted it.  I would share it with you here, but it involves about 3 photos and I'm not trying to go through all of that just to have another photo in this post.  However, you are more than welcome to go to my twitter feed and check it out for yourself.  But that isn't the tweet that was just too extra tonight.  

I posted a tweet about it being ridiculous about what people were saying about Marshall.  I tweeted it and I meant it!  One gentleman who replied to my tweet actually ended up being pretty cool and we had an interesting conversation.  The other person (yep, he's not worthy of being called a gentleman) was the one with the foul thing to say.  

We are all entitled to our opinion and just because I may not agree with you, it does not mean I am going to disrespect you or make an effort to hurt your feelings.  In saying that, let me be very clear about something - this person did NOT hurt my feelings.  In fact, he made me laugh.  And just because I enjoy being a blogger, I should have actually thanked him for giving me more material to work with tonight.  I mean, I'm kind, so why not thank him for helping me out?  Since I believe in being open with you (because how else are you going to get to know me), I decided to take an adorable little screenshot so you can see EVERYTHING I posted and the one little tweet this person thought was going to hurt my feelings.  

So, as you can see, I didn't hide anything.  I didn't try to block anything, not even either of our names.  You are probably wondering why didn't I didn't block his name?  Easy answer, if you are person enough to tweet it, you are person enough to suffer the consequences.  In this case, the consequence is me blogging.  It's just what I do!  This very photo right here is what you will also see on twitter (just in case he decides to delete this madness), on my Instagram, and on my Tumblr.  Yes, I realize I am probably setting myself up for more madness by posting my links, but I will handle it the same way I handled this person - with dignity, grace, and without losing my good ole southern religion.  I'll just bless his and anyone else's hearts and keep it moving.  

I guess he thought he was saying something to me that would make me mad or even hurt my feelings.  Nope!  Quite frankly, I thought it was funny because anyone who knows me (and I mean really knows me), will tell you this one thing - stuff just rolls right off me and I am either not going to be bothered with you ever again or I am going to write about you right here.  There's really no in between.  

Dude, I've had this true color of my nips since my breasts started developing when I was in the second grade (and more than likely before that).  Yeah, I don't know anything about a training bra because I went from a t-shirt to an A-cup.  And, if you are a dude and you think cleavage (of any size) is nasty AF (I really hope you all know what AF means because I'm not going to say it), I'm going to question your sexuality.  I'm not going to judge it (because believe me, I've done plenty to make people scratch their heads), but I'm definitely going to question it.  So exactly, how did you hurt me and what did you accomplish?  

Let me tell you how he hurt me (again) - not at all!  In fact, you hurt yourself because you didn't look at my profile long enough to realize I was a blogger.  And if you did see that I am a blogger and still tweeted it, you obviously didn't mind me blogging about it or you for that matter.  Now, let me tell you what you did accomplish - you gave me something new to write about tonight because I already had a post planned.  Seriously!  The photos and everything were already edited and in their folder ready to be strategically placed in the post.  However, thanks to you, the dude that appears to like giraffes (which are ironically my favorite animal because they are tall), for helping to make this post possible!  Hey, I have to give credit where credit is due, even if you (the person) is rude and disrespectful. 

So, this is how my football season started.  Definitely not how I expected it to happen, but my days are not complete without something abnormal happening.  Here's to a wonderful football season and all the controversy it is going to bring.  Cheers!  

Photo credit: Shayla Em



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