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Welcome to September

I would say September was my favorite month, but it's not.  However, this month could have a wonderful reason to be my favorite because summer is coming to an end.  I know, I know, I know - I should love summer...well, I don't.  The main reason I do not like summer is because my asthma is sensitive to the heat.  However, another reason I do not like the summer is because my power bill is horribly high and lastly, I do not like the heat!  I can put on more clothes in the winter, but I can't take off my skin in the summer.  Ok, now that my summer rant is over, how about we get to the reason I'm writing this post - my bullet journal.  
Throughout August, I researched ideas and played around with some ideas for how I wanted to set up my September pages in my bullet journal.  I finally decided on a weekly format.  However, I wanted to also do a monthly format to keep up with some goals I have made for the month.  I just figured that would be the easiest thing for me.  As much as I enjoyed trying to figure out what format to use for the month and week, which are still basic to me, I really wanted my Welcome September page to really stand out.  

Getting started
After looking on Pinterest (shocking, I know) and Instagram, I finally found a page design that was cute and easy for me to design.  I wanted a background because I wanted to try something different and also because I wanted my page to stand out.  Another thing I wanted to do with this month was to have a specific color.  I decided on orange.  Yes, I know you were probably expecting a different color so I could use orange for October, but I'm different and so is my bullet journal.  

To achieve the look, I used Gelly Roll pens to make the squares.  To fill in the squares, I used a Spectrum Aqua Watercolor pen.  I think the look came out well and I absolutely love the fact these watercolor pens do not bleed through my sketch pad paper.  Yes, I use a sketch pad for my bullet journal.  Like I said, my bullet journal is a little bit different, but it works perfectly fine for me.  

Background complete
Just because I wanted to make sure my page was ok to write on, I gave my page enough time to dry.  Ok, in reality, it probably only needed 24 hours (if that) to dry, but I gave it a little bit more because I just wanted to make sure.  The calligraphy pen I used on the quote is Pigma Calligrapher in a size 20.  Yeah, I know I probably said that wrong, but it says 20, so I am assuming the number means the size.

Let's talk about this calligraphy pen.  I have determined it is the sketch paper the pens do not like.  I will admit my writing looks a lot better this time, but I still didn't get the smooth strokes I was hoping to get.  I have asked an artist friend about the pens and he thinks it could also be the paper.  However, since I bought them, I am going to make them work.  

For the quote, I wanted something to do with September.  For August, my quote was a bit unique because I only used it for the simple fact the first name of the author was August.  However, for this month, September is actually in the quote itself.  "By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer" by Helen Hunt Jackson is the quote I saw most often.  The quote now graces the Welcome September page.  

I am rather pleased with how my page turned out.  I was so happy about it that I posted a photo on my Instagram page (go check it out and follow) just a bit before I did this post.  I tried something different and it worked for me.  Now, time for me to figure out what to do about October.  Actually, I already have a color selected, but I would love to try a different welcome page design.  If you know of any Instagram or Pinterest pages I should be looking at for ideas, please let me know.  

Finished product
Well, this is my bullet journal welcome for September all rolled in to a blog post!  I hope you enjoyed it.  Please comment and let me know of any ideas you have or anything you use to make your journal more creative!  

Photo credit: Shayla Em



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