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99mph and blogging

Many of my close friends will tell you that doing this blog has changed me.  Yes, it did change me, but I think it changed me for the better.  For those of you only familiar with my work on this blog and my other social media sites, I would hope that through the years, you have seen me progress.  If you are only getting to know me this year, I hope since this is blog post 99 of the year, you have been able to see an evolution and a drive like no other.  

Why am I making a big deal about getting close to and reaching 100 blog posts this year?  Well, in a typical year, I only write 30 posts.  I decided I needed to make a change to keep you more engaged.  Although you were interacting with me on social media, I knew that I wanted more traffic to my blog.  This is just part of the way blogging has changed me - I see almost everything as motivation.  

The worst time for me to think about something is while I am driving.  Not because it takes my mind off the road (even though that is bad too), I can't exactly write the thought down.  Luckily, I have an awesome phone that will allow me to say a thought and it will save it.  Also, I have a friend who knows if they receive a random message, it's just me trying not to lose my thought.   Yes, I wait until I am safely at a stop light or either I repeat it to myself until I can get the thought down.  

You've learned so much about me this year and even though I love people and I love doing this blog, I am an introvert.  In other words, sometimes meeting new people and talking to people is difficult for me.  However, I find that talking to and meeting new people is some wonderful motivation to write.  As you know, I plan on starting a blog of short stories and I have found people make interesting characters, which will eventually make for great character development.

Of course, my friends are great, but at the same time, I have found that some are not as understanding.  I hate it when I don't make activities, but sometimes, I don't want to make activities.  I may not be doing anything or not, but that's my business and you really don't need to know why I'm not attending.  However, my friends also make good characters.  They are who I am around, so why not base some characters on them?  Also, if you pay close attention, you can already see them featured in my posts, via words and/or pictures.  

One of the most interesting things I have found is that blogging has made me more mindful of my moments.  What do I mean?  Well, I will probably have to tell you a story to get you to understand.  Last month, I went to the Maroon 5 concert.  Awesome concert.  I had a really wonderful time and now when I hear their songs on the radio, I feel a bit closer to them.  Their opening acts were Tove Lo and R City, by the way.  Basically, everyone was awesome.  But, for some reason, I realized early on that not everything needed to have a photo or a video attached to it.  I just wanted to have the memory or the moment.  My favorite song by Maroon 5 is Daylight and second is She Will Be Loved.  Both of those songs were performed.  If I have any video, it is only a total of 2 minutes.  I made it a point to only record a minute of the songs because I wanted to have that moment with one of my amigas who was there with me.  What made it even better is that she didn't even think she was going to get to go to the concert, but at the last minute, she was able to get the ticket.  I wanted to have that moment where I was dancing and singing without a care in the world.  I wanted to have that moment where I was getting along with the people around me outside waiting to get in and the people I was sitting around because we were all there to have a great time.  I wanted to enjoy the moment of seeing the older lady in an awesome outfit that some millennials wouldn't be caught in.  I've learned what to share and what to keep to myself and that is something so great.  Not everything is meant to be shared.  But when you do find that thing worth sharing, go ahead and have some fun on social media.  

What can I say about social media?  First of all, it can help you or harm you.  If you are trying to build something, especially building a business, you have to be so careful about what you post!  And then if you do post something crazy, unless you have a wonderful PR team, you have to do your own damage control.  And if you have no clue how to do damage control (because just removing the tweet or post isn't going to fix it), you are in trouble.  Don't think I'm serious?  Check out my recent post about a company I was interested in working with but decided not to pursue any further because of some social media posts.  Rule of thumb: post wisely, ladies and gentlemen! 

Oh-Em-Gee!!!  Pictures are life!!!  You may not think so, but to a blogger, yes!  If you are using natural light, you have to plan the time of day to get the effect you are looking for.  Then, you have to take the time to edit photos (which can take hours and different programs).  Pictures have to be perfect and be relevant.  Then don't mess up and add the wrong photo.  That can be a disaster.  Last week, it happened to me!  I have no clue how I managed to proof a post and still manage to miss having two of the same photos in one post.  Want pure honesty?  I was embarrassed and ashamed of what I had done because I knew better!  But at the same time, I'm also human and even though I proof several times and read my posts back to myself out loud, I am going to miss some things.  

What's really bad?  When other people call you out on it.  Now, I'm not talking about fellow bloggers or writers.  I consider their corrections as constructive criticism because we are all working to get better.  What I cannot stand is when people who won't even pick up a pencil to write a sentence in a journal call me out on an error.  Really?  What are you doing with your day other than trolling my blog, my social media, and probably some of the blogs and social media of my writing peers and finding mistakes?  Please, get your life!  Editing is hard and seeing as how I am a one woman show, it's really hard.  I don't have a team around me telling me to change this or anyone to read out loud to.  If I don't see it or hear it (because your eyes see what they want and your ears hear what they want), it's not going to get changed.  Spell check only goes so far.    

I will admit, blogging has changed me.  It has changed how I look at the world around me.  It especially changed how I looked at the people around me.  Blogging has changed my interactions on social media and I'm sure in the next six months, it will change other things about me and my life.  However, here is what is not going to change - my willingness to be open and honest with you.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity and I'm definitely looking forward to the next 101 posts!  

Now, I'm curious - how has blogging changed you? 



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