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Backstage Pass with Sarah Potenza

Remember the woman with the big, white glasses who received a four chair turn on Season 8 of The Voice?  Well, that beauty is the very talented Sarah Potenza and so much has happened since we last saw her on our television screens!

After a busy day of working hard, she decided to take a moment to chat with me about her life after The Voice and her blossoming career!  Potenza is one hard working woman.  She loves what she does so much and it shows in her work!  Never have I spoken with someone who is so hands-on when it comes to their craft!  

Although she has a wonderful team (including her husband) around her to help, she enjoys being involved in every aspect of her business!  She is on the ground running by making contacts and building relationships with people in the media. Potenza is not shy when it comes to setting up her own appointments and interviews.  However, one of her favorite things to do is getting the chance to call up the radio stations playing her music and personally thanking them.  

Potenza is extremely ambitious!  This actually is very visible in her song Monster and it’s video!  She spent so many years allowing her internal feelings about her full-figured size to take over her life that when she broke free of those feelings, she just had to share it with the world!  That is was the song is all about and the video has such a powerful message as well.  Make sure you check out the video right here.The confidence she exudes is so beautiful.  Although she does not look like the typical pop or rock star, she is definitely paving the way for more artists to come.  

The message she is spreading is love yourself now!  She is currently spreading this message to everyone particularly to young people.  Potenza wants them to know it is okay for them to not be a size 4 or 6, but they should still love themselves no matter what.  

When Potenza gets a chance to get some free time, she loves to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and she is enjoying watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.  She is also a fan of playing Pokemon Go.  Since she travels so much, she is getting a bunch of Pokemons that would make some people envious.  

One of the most amazing things about Potenza is her about to make her own clothes!  What do I mean?  She find the products she needs and then she gets to work with a glue gun, feathers, beads, and whatever else she needs to create her product.  For instance, she made the jacket she is wearing on her album cover.  The jacket itself was purchased from Torrid and she added the feathers and shoulder pads.  Crafting is so relaxing to her.  Although she wishes she could do it more often, she enjoys doing it when she can.  

Just recently, she was featured in Rolling Stone as a Top 10 New Artist to Watch.  In the post, it said Potenza is to blues what Adele is to pop!  WOW!  Such an honor for such a wonderful artist, right?  However, this is just the beginning.  

Potenza is so great and inspiring.  She’s reaching out to a new generation of plus-size girls and girls who have to wear glasses at an early age.  It is so wonderful for these young women to have a positive influence to look up to, other than their family members.  

The Plus Diaries are so really looking forward to watching and following the career of Sarah Potenza.  Although she has giving the industry so much, we know she has so much more to go.  Sarah, keep making great music and being an inspiration to millions.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you



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