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October Bujo Love

I absolutely love my bullet journal.  It's nothing special and definitely not as fancy as some of the others I've seen on social media, but it is mine.  One thing I enjoy about bullet journaling is the freedom to do whatever you want.  It's my journal and I can be as creative or lazy as I want.  However, there is one thing I enjoy doing most - the opening page for the month.  

October is here and I really enjoyed what I did with the opening.  First, I wanted to do a theme.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it touches so close to my heart, my theme color is pink.  Because I wanted to do something different, I had to come up with a different layout.  Not exactly sure why, but I decided to do triangles!  

October Background

This page is a bit weird in the way it was designed, at least in my opinion.  If you notice, the bottom on my page is not all triangles.  This is because I wanted to treat it as if it were a full square, instead of just forcing a triangle.  I am still using my watercolor pens to create the background as well. I like these pens because they do not bleed through my sketch pad pages.  Yes, I know it is weird, but I use a sketch pad for my journal.  Like I said, this journal is all mine and I get to use whatever I need to make it my own.  Next, I wanted to add a bit of sparkle, so I covered a few of the lines in some glitter pens.  Although I used a pink glitter pen, once it started to really show its true effect, it had a purple hue.  I thought it was interesting and neat effect to add just a bit of contrast.  As you can see in the photo, some of the strokes of the watercolor pens are a bit heavier, but with time, I will begin to do better.  I mean, I've only been doing this for a few months, so I'm still learning.

Finding a quote is so important to me.  Typically, I have the quote decided long before the page layout is even completed.  Sometimes, before I've even decided on the layout itself.  There is one thing the quote needs though - in some way, shape, or form it has to mention the month I'm currently working on.  Well, I did just that! 

The quote I used reminds me of growing up and of times now gone.  It triggered a memory of relaxation and of happy times in my youth.  Sometimes, just looking at a page of my own work can calm my anxiety, which is the main reason for my bullet journal.  Since I am still working on my calligraphy, I continue to use my opening pages as a good place to practice.  So much is getting accomplished in my little bujo! 

Even my layout is different for the month.  My focus for this month is my daily blog hits, my anxi-cast (aka my anxiety tracker) and the daily weather forecast.

So, Welcome to October, ladies and gentlemen!  Here's to hoping for a wonderful month full of beautiful adventures.  


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