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In several recent posts, I've called The Plus Diaries itself a giant umbrella!  After thinking about it, I feel like I haven't explained the concept very well and I owe all of you an apology.  The one thing I believe in is transparency within this blog and I haven't done a good job of that when it comes to the umbrella.  

So, I think it is finally time for me to explain the umbrella a little bit better.  You know, I typically do not like to tell you of upcoming things (at least not too much) because if it becomes a bust, I don't even want you to waste your time reading about it.  On the other hand, I've learned that many of you are so interested in all that I'm doing.  Now, I will be transparent, but I will also maintain a certain level of privacy.  Just because you know what is happening, doesn't mean you need to know all about the behind the scenes madness.  Trust me, I keep my talent manager busy and always on her toes.  We're just cool like that.  Now, what can I tell you...

For those of you who truly know me, you know that I'm not a fan of Facebook.  I tell my friends if you want me to see something, you need to tag me in the post.  It's just not a site I hang out on anymore.  Not because it still isn't relevant, but because I cannot stand to see all the drama and the overall fake madness some people put out.  I'm just sitting on my couch looking at my screen and laughing because I really know these people and can point out the lies.  However, because I'm too busy trying to be me, I will digress.  On the other hand, I'm truly excited about something new coming your way.  

For years, I've had a Facebook page dedicated to my inner writer.  However, I will be changing the page to focus solely on my blog!  I'm really excited about this because I think I will be better for me and allow me to interact more with a different audience that is not on twitter.  My anticipated launch for this page is January 2017 (wow), but I will do my best to keep you up to date, especially if I launch earlier!  Please just note that while the page is under construction, I will not be posting anything to it.  I can't be sending you there while it looks a mess!  

Why am I even mentioning this?  Well, it's an important aspect to my brand.  This blog itself has allowed so many opportunities!  I've been able to make great connections in the entertainment industry, been able to express myself when talking fails me, and I've been able to talk about some things that can me us all a little bit uncomfortable.  I mean, that just doesn't happen if you meet me in person.  I have to let you know me in order for me to be able to fully express myself to you.  This blog - this platform - this umbrella has allowed me to share things with you and allowed me to be more open.  I absolutely love this blog and I cannot even begin to imagine my life had I not taken the initiative to start this blog almost 4 years ago.  What a wonderful journey this has been and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in the next few years.  

This right here is so new that I've only done one of them and I cannot even begin to tell you what an epic failure it was.  However, I did write about the failure right here.  Hey, I'm not just going to do something and then let you think it went absolutely awesome when it actually did not.  There's absolutely no reason for me to hide how bad it was because you can look back and figure it out for yourself.  But, what you can do is know and understand I learned so much and I look forward to trying this again.  

After I failed at this the first time, I started to think how can I make this better?  Ok, after a failure like that, the only way you can go is up, but you have to be very careful about how you come up!  I am currently working on a plan to help make this chat so much better and something you would actually like to participate in.  Also, I am a firm believer that you can learn so much from other people.  I participate in tweetchats and I've taken the opportunity to talk with some people who do them.  Believe me when I tell you, I will be more prepared the next time this happens.  I want to do a few more test runs before I do an official launch, so please be on the lookout for my tweets and look for some info on my instagram page as well.  Before I forget, you can follow me on Twitter, Insagram, and Bloglovin just by clicking the links on the right side of your screen (if you are not reading on a mobile device).  

This one takes a lot out of me sometimes because it is my way of coping with a loss.  However, I have learned so much about my own strength and about how I can transfer my strength to others.  Project XT is dedicated to the memory of my son, whose initials are XT.  My son was born still and what I found was that I was not happy with the community people tried to put me in to help deal with my loss.  I found more comfort from talking to other people one on one, instead of such a large group, in order to help me cope.  Then, under the most unfortunate of circumstances, one of my friends from college went through the same thing.  I didn't really know what to say to her (because there are really no words), but I think she found some comfort in knowing that she could talk to me because I knew exactly what she was going through.  

I know what it's like to see social media flooded with my friends' children.  They are not being rude, but they are just happy their kids survived childbirth.  I know what it's like to want so badly to dress up a kiddo for family pictures, but instead just look at the photos the wonderful nursing staff took for you.  I know what it's like to want to buy the cute baby shoes, but only have a copy of your child's footprints.  I get that and we are a different group of people who understand that.  Because we are such a different group, I am currently getting this non-profit off the ground.  Currently, I personally make blankets to give to the mom's to use for their Rainbow Baby.  I am also working on a line of cards just for this purpose.  It's sort of hard to find the right words to say, but I feel since I have been through it, I can do a lot better than a regular I'm sorry for your loss.  Eventually, I plan to assemble a team of ladies and men (because they hurt too) to help me with this endeavor.  I look forward to sharing more with you and introducing you to the wonderful people I add to my team.  It may be years down the line (because nothing happens overnight), but I have the faith and determination needed to make this happen.  

Let me just make this clear - I absolutely love every aspect of this umbrella, but this by far is my absolute favorite.  I took a giant leap this year by adding Backstage Pass to my blog, but it has been more of a success than I ever imagined.  

If you have never checked out Backstage Pass, even though it is in my blog almost every single month, let me introduce you to it!  Backstage Pass is me getting the chance to interview people making moves in the industry.  This is a chance for not only my readers, but for me to get to know a person a little bit better as well.  

At first, it started off as me only wanting to interview people in the plus industry, but I was missing out on a whole bunch of people who are doing all these great an amazing things.  Since I broadened my horizons, I've been able to still reach out to plus models and other people in the plus industry, but I've also been able to talk to people dealing with mental illness, those in the LGBT community, talent managers, singers, and a bunch of other people who are just willing to tell their stories.  Typically, Backstage Pass comes to you on the first Friday of the month, except when the month starts on a Friday.  However, you better believe I give plenty of notification because I just absolutely love this aspect in my blog!  

If you are interested in being featured or know someone you think should be featured, please contact me via any of my social media.  I enjoy connecting with other people and what better way for that to happen than to talk to them?! 


Well, did I explain the umbrella a bit better to you?  I really hope I did.  However, if I didn't, you know that you can contact me, right?  I love post comments!  It just makes me so happy when I get to respond to my awesome readers. Let me hear from you!  I've long said this blog is just written by me, but you are the reason behind it!  Also, be on the lookout for more news from the umbrella.  Believe me, I'm a long way from being finished!!!  

All images are my own! 


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New post is going to arrive on Sunday, August 13!  Now is the time to spread some love to some other bloggers since this community has been so awesome to me!  Happy blogging, ladies and gentlemen!