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Discovery Period - Part 1

I feel like I am going through a very interesting season in my life right now.  Life is shifting, relationships are changing, and the year is coming to an end.  I know I typically go through end of year changes (we all do), but my major changes usually come around my birthday.  I decide who is going to remain in my life.  I decide who is going to remain in my circle, but at a distance.  I decide what family members get their branch cut (just a bit of a joke I have with my mom, but it's true).  I also make an effort to see how I can improve at life because I am definitely not where I need to be.  I know that.  I own that.  I am woman enough to admit that.  It's just right now, I'm really feeling some type of way about what I am experiencing because to me, it's too early for this to be happening.  However, because I know my faith, I know that His timing is always perfect.  

So, as I go through this period of discovery, I'm at least happy I was able to realize it.  It hasn't freaked me out or anything, but it has made me take a better look at the things happening around me and to me.  Honestly, these changes I'm experiencing have even effected my blog posts because I have some rather interesting things on my mind.  At least, I think they are interesting to me.  However those interesting things have brought on some positive changes.  

Let's just start off with the obvious change that you have been able to see recently - my blog!  Saturday, I spent an extensive amount of time making some changes to my blog and making it fit more of what I wanted it to feel like.  The most obvious change is the new heading...even though it will probably change just because I like to keep you on your toes.  I also changed my sidebars a great bit because I just wanted to have a better flow.  I hope you, my wonderful readers, like the changes I've made to the blog page itself.  If I can make it easier to navigate and it not seem as cluttered, I am really happy about that.  

Other than those obvious changes (because they are happening on the page you're looking at right now), there are some really great things happening behind the scenes.  I know I've told you about a few because they are part of the umbrella, but I feel like I can share a little bit more right now.  

As you know, I have a love - hate relationship with Facebook.  In my opinion, that has turned into the social media site that is strictly to be nosey.  In my private life, I like to keep a low profile, so you won't see me posting a lot.  However, I am smart enough to recognize that if I use Facebook in the right way, I can have another blogger community on there.  For this reason, the new Facebook page for The Plus Diaries is currently being completed.  I'm working on the graphics and learning a lot at the same time.  I've taken suggestions from a Facebook group I was invited to join and I think it is making life a bit simple because there have been so many wonderful ideas.  The page will be available December 1 and have a few things on it.  However, it will be official on January 1.  My old Facebook page dedicated to this blog will be available until January 31.  

Another change coming soon - I've been using #ThePlusDiaries as my hashtag.  It's the name of this blog, but it is a bit long to keep using as a hashtag.  So, you will start seeing me use #TPD more often simply because it is shorter and it gives me a bit more space on Twitter.  I mean, I only have 140 characters to work with, so I need to use them wisely.  But that also brings me to something I am so excited to introduce in 2017...

I love participating in tweetchats.  I've been doing it for years because I use to participate in #HautiesTalk with Manik Mag.  You probably wonder why I mention them so much so let me go ahead and tell you.  I used to write for the online publication and it gave me the confidence I needed to go on and develop my blog into what you are seeing now.  I will be forever grateful to them for the opportunity.  But let me get back to my news - starting in January 2017, #TPDchat will start!  Yes, I've done a few impromptu chats to see what times had the most traffic and I've been paying attention to the times of the chats I participate in myself because I don't want to not get to enjoy them.  Yes, I've already decided on days and times, but you will have to be on the lookout on my social media sites.  Today, I started working on the graphics so I can post them in the upcoming weeks.  Let me just stop right there before I get a little too excited and tell too much.  

With all these changes in my blog, it means one thing - The Plus Diaries have been growing!  For instance, I had a rather big weekend for my blog.  Not really sure why, other than the fact I was promoting it like crazy and I did three tweetchats.  To get support, you have to give support.  The major thing that grew this year was the number of times I blogged.  I have blogged more in 2016 than I have blogged in the past three years of the existence of this blog.  It was a proud moment for me to post my 100th blog post of the year.  Now, I probably won't blog that much next year because I want to get myself on somewhat of a schedule.  However, if the inspiration comes, I will blog until my heart's content.  As this blog grows, that means my social media game has to step up.  

I'm trying really hard to be more visible on Instagram.  It's basically my life in photos, so I guess you want to see who is doing all this writing.  Of course, I'm always on Twitter.  We've already talked about my changes to Facebook.  But, another place I am going to try to do better is on Periscope.  I have discovered that sometimes, I want to tell you about something, but I don't really want to blog about it.  For instance, I had something happening over the weekend I really wanted to share with you, but this place just wasn't the place for it.  Also, had I really been thinking about it, I would have shown you my neighbors party before the police showed up...I digress.  

Basically, I want to use my social media so you can get to know me!  I'm more than the words you read on your screens and I hope to share more of that side of my life with you.  However, I will keep a level an confidentiality when it comes to certain areas of my life.  Just because I'm showing you my life doesn't mean you get to see everything that happens in it.  Plus, I suspect you really don't want to see every little thing about my life anyway because it will eventually get boring to you.  

Here's one thing that will continue though - I will keep live tweeting my TV shows.  Unless something really urgent happens, you know I am going to be tweeting #TGIT!  I do my best to not miss that!  Also, I have a new TV love by the name of This Is Us.  Although I cannot live tweet because we are all watching it at different times, but when I binge watch TV shows on Netflix, you will know about it.  I probably tore up a lot of nerves tweeting about The Crown because it is a Netflix original, but it was an awesome show.  I watched the first season in two days.  Binge watching at it's best!  

Well, this is where we're going to take a break.  This completes the first part of my Discovery Period.  Don't worry, parts 2 and 3 will come very soon.  

So, with the extra thing you are doing in your life (whether it is your regular job, a side gig, or something else), how has it changed over the past year?  


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