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Discovery Period - Part 2

Well, we've already discussed the discovery period I'm having in my blog.  If you need an update, here we go - The Plus Diaries are changing, you will start seeing the hashtag #TPD, a new Facebook page is coming, and #TPDchat starts in January.  I think we covered it.  Now, let's move on to the other part of my life that is evolving - my life in general!  

I'll be the first one to admit my life is absolutely crazy sometimes.  Whether I'm coming or going or anything in between, it can be a weird thing.  But, I accept all the twists and turns (even when I do it with my resting brat face).  The most intriguing thing about my life right now is my relationship.  

No, my relationship isn't crazy or anything.  I think the fact that I'm in a relationship can seem strange to some people.  It wasn't that long ago I was calling love EVOL.  I had been so hurt and so messed over (that's another blog for another day) that I didn't even want to be in a relationship.  Honestly, I had prepped myself to be alone because it had to be easier than getting hurt.  →Sidebar: God has a interesting sense of humor because he sent me the person I wanted, just not in the way I expected.←  I've been in a relationship for almost as long as I have had this blog and if I can offer one piece of advice it would be this (whether you agree with it or not) - you have to think like a unit.  If you are not in the relationship thinking long-term, then what are you doing?  I'm too old for hookups, one night stands, and whatever fleeting feeling that can be had.  I need something solid and long term and we're working towards something for life.  Will it work out?  Only time will tell.  But I can tell you this - I didn't go into it looking for something that was only going to last a few months.  Also, relationships take time...and I'm just going to leave it there.  Remember that whole privacy thing I mentioned before?  Yep, my relationship is off limits! 

I have an awesome family.  When I say family, I mean I have awesome parents.  I think I've mentioned I'm an only child before, but if you didn't know that, now you do.  Before you start thinking she's spoiled, let me go ahead and make something very clear.  My parents were never nor are they afraid to say the word "NO" or any variation thereof.  In fact, when I had to ask my parentals for help this year, they knew I really needed it because that's not something I do.  If I'm asking, they know it's urgent and they usually add a little bit more because they know I only ask for the bare minimum.  In fact, my dad offered to drive the two hours it takes for us to get to each other to bring me the money.  He knew it was serious.  My parents are truly wonderful.  In fact, I would argue that this is the closest we have ever been.  

There comes a point when you find a balance of I respect you as my parents, but I'm an adult too and you'll always be my baby, but you have grown up.  Once all parties get there, things start to go a lot smoother.  Then there are my cousins.  

This is when you are probably expecting me to spill the tea and tell you who beat me up, who watched, and who laughed when I was younger.  This is not the time or the place.  What I will say is this - there are some relationships that are ripped and some bridges that have been burned.  When I'm ready, I'll let them back into my life like it once was before the rift.  However, I will also let you know that I will keep them at a safe distance, if need be.  

This brings us to the end the second part of my discovery period.  Part 3 will arrive shorty...and by shortly, I mean tomorrow.  

We all know family can be a chore.  Don't even act like it's all rainbows and butterflies at every family gathering.  How do you deal with your family when the family drama starts?  


  1. Sounds like you're quite busy at the moment! (: That can be both a good and a bad thing though. You keep things private that you don't want to share because there is nothing wrong with that. As for family drama I do my best to avoid it but sometimes it just seems impossible.

    Single Vegas Girl

  2. I try to do the same thing when it comes to family drama. Being busy is a double edge sword, but I've gotten so many tips on how to balance my life and I live for taking breaks. Thanks for reading and for the comment!


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