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Year End Review - 2016 Edition

Disclaimer:  This post was written earlier this afternoon.  At the release time of this post (10:00pm EST), I am in church getting ready to bring in the new year!!!  

As I sit here after having brunch with some wonderful people, I cannot help but think how blessed I am.  I'll be the first person to admit that 2016 didn't go as planned, but apparently God (the higher power I believe in) had other things in mind.  

There are some things I started to accept about myself this year, even though other people have not been as understanding.  I realized how introverted I am (and yet people still bug me about going out - let it go)!  I like this side of me and it's part of what makes me unique.  I also realized that my anxiety was not getting any better and that I needed to go back on medication.  It's not what I wanted, but apparently it is exactly what I needed to start the getting better process.  Yes, I'm still medicated and yes, I'm still ok with that.  One thing I&#…

Backstage Pass 2016 Finale

What a wonderful year it has been for The Plus Diaries!  I've had the chance to participate more in tweet chats, got another photo shoot in the books, left an agency (but joined another), made some great blogging friends online, and getting ready to introduce some new elements to the giant umbrella.  Out of all of those things, there is one thing I'm most proud of...

Backstage Pass took off in a way I didn't see coming.  I took a giant leap by just reaching out to people.  Although I had a goal do to 10 and only completed 7, I am so thankful and grateful to those I was able to talk to this year.  These talented and amazing people allowed me into their lives so that you, my wonderful readers, could know them a little better.  It's an experience I am so thankful for and it's one I am looking forward to continuing in 2017 (yep, already have a few people lined up)!  

Audrey, Ify, Glen, Massiel, Jennifer, Sarah, and Stacy - thank you so much for allowing me to take up som…


I made a solid effort this year to be more open in this blog.  I decided not to just write on the days I felt like it, but I also wrote on the days I could have cared less about anybody else or myself, for that matter.  Looking back, even when I didn't tell you I'm having a bad day, I can clearly see that day was a bad day.  I think it makes me more honest and real.  It's like all of my social media pages - I show you my good moments, but I also show you those days when I'm rolling my eyes and wishing people would just leave me the heck alone.  I also know when to limit my social media before I get on there and start hurting feelings.  
Well, today was one of those days when I probably needed a fast acting anxiety medication.  I mean, I have my daily medication, but today, I needed something right then and there!  I was hostile and I just didn't feel like being bothered, but stuff just kept coming!  People just kept coming.  Everything that I did not want to be both…


As I wind down 2016, I realize one mistake I made at the beginning of the year - even though I corrected it by July.  I didn't really make any goals for this blog.  I just sort of went with it.  It worked well for me, but then I started doing so much, I felt like I needed something to help me stay stable.  After participating in some chats and then having monthly meetings with my manager, I've decided The Plus Diaries needs to have some goals.  Don't worry, the author (me) will have some personal goals, but right now, I want to share some goals with you from The Plus Diaries!  

I started using a bullet journal over the summer.  People use it for various things, especially organization.  However, I found it more useful for me when it came to dealing with my anxiety.  It's still going to be used for that purpose (because I really need it), but it will also be used to help me keep track of my goals.  

Numbers, when it comes to stats, followers, and all that other social med…

Coming down from the high

The Christmas season is over.  Life can get back to normal and the credit card bills can start rolling in...and so can something else.  

It's no big secret this time of year has the highest suicide rates.  I saw a commercial earlier today and it was talking about how people are just unhappy with the start of the new year.  I overheard someone say they should just be happy they survived the past year.  It was then I realized it was best to keep my mouth shut because the fact of the matter is that some people just barely survived this year and really didn't get a chance to live it and enjoy it.  

Depression is real.  Anxiety is real.  Life is real!!!  We all handle it different ways and I salute those of you who can wake up every single morning and feel like today is going to be the best day or your life no matter what happens or what you see.  Now, I pride myself on being positive and putting a positive spin on everything, but that does NOT mean that I do not get down in the dump…

Who are you?

This post is going to be semi-short, sweet, and to the point because I have plans tonight, but I want to get this done.  For it to be a Monday, I had an awesome day at work.  I was able to get some clarification on a project from a very good source.  Someone requested a change to a project and I was able to get that back off my desk within three hours.  I met someone who was going to be joining my department (even though that means my office mate is leaving).  I found out I still get to be wall buddies with one of my friends and we can still communicate at work via wall code.  I found out a project we once thought was urgent was no longer priority, so I don't have to rush.  It was a great Monday.  

But my absolute favorite part of the day didn't even have anything to do with me.  Something really great happened to one of my coworkers and I was so excited.  Actually, I'm still excited.  I made it a point to congratulate him and in return, he thanked me for my help.  I wasn&#…


I've had the pleasure of participating in some wonderful tweet chats in 2016.  However, I cannot even write this post without sending some love to Selina Weekes, founder of Manik Mag and #HautiesTalk (which happened long before 2016).  Ok, let me get back to it! 

There have been some wonderful tweet chats I've had the pleasure of joining.  Many of them are across the pond in the UK, but that has just helped me to grow my blogging community.  In fact, I have so many chats I participate in that I must keep them in my calendar so I don't miss a single one! Because I've had so much fun and I'm looking for more ways to grow this blog, I've decided to start my own chat!  Let me introduce to you #TPDchat!!!  

Now, this is going to be so much more than a just a chat that happens twice a month.  This is going to be a way for me to get a better connection with other bloggers.  Bloggers have helped me so much by retweeting and liking my blog posts.  They have also been inst…

Hairspray Live - the quick version

OH – EM – GEEEEE!!!!!  Hairspray Live gave me all types of life last night!  I’ll be the first to admit it didn’t fully give me what I was expecting and I was not impressed with Derek Hough.  However, there are plenty of people waiting to write (or have probably already written) their pieces about the bad things that happened during the production.  Yes, there was a few and all you have to do is go to the Twitterverse to find them.  But, I want to focus this post on some tweets and the ups that I found while watching the show.  So, without further ado, here is my Hairspray Live positive blog. 
SINGING Tracy, portrayed by Maddie Baillio started us off with Good Morning Baltimore.  Now, I may be a little biased because I was just happy to see her and see what she was going to do, but I think she did absolutely awesome with the opening.  Plus, she has a beautiful voice, in my opinion.  Velma, portrayed by Kristin Chenoweth just belted out everything she sang last night.  Kristin is short …


Remember when I wrote just about a week ago about the stresses of the holiday season?  I won't call myself stressed, but I have definitely almost had it!!!  
I had a really bad anxiety day yesterday.  Luckily, I was only working half a day because I had to go to the dentist.  However, I think if I would not have been leaving anyway, I would have found a reason to leave.  All morning long, I sat at my desk and did my work.  But while I was doing my work (and holding back the tears that wanted to fall) I just kept thinking why am I here?!  It was quite frustrating.  
Now, before you start freaking out on me, get the suicide thought out of your head.  Right now, all my of my anxiety is NOT towards being suicidal - it's towards feeling like no matter what I do, it's never enough.  
As much as I love this blog and participate in the blogger community, some days I feel like I just don't do enough.  I see people with less followers than me have more popular blogs.  Not jealous, …

Happy December

I've been in my wonderful city now for almost 5 years.  Ok, I might as well say 5 years because it is coming up this month.  the fact of the matter is that it took me 5 years to find the perfect combination of people to be able to enjoy something with.  

Yesterday, I was invited to something that was very wonderful that I have since dubbed Friends-mas.  I say that because that isn't what we called it, but that's what it felt like.  Let's say it like that - if you like Friendsgiving, then you will enjoy Friends-mas!  

For us, it was basically perfect.  A few young ladies coming together, sharing some delicious food, great conversations, games, decorated ornaments, and presents!  It has been a long time since we had gotten together like that and it was perfect.  If was my afterthought that came while I was driving home.  

All I could think about on my drive home was how blessed I am to have such great friends in my life.  Then I look around at the table of people that were …


I could be a horrible brat.  The way I'm feeling right now, I could be the brattiest brat in the world, but I have other things to do.  I can write.  I can use my platform and just vent a little bit. I mean, yall are my people and I think you enjoy these random spots of insanity, as long as I keep them to a minimum.  

My week has been special, to say the least.  I've been called names that I have not earned, one of the guys teaching my training graduated from the same high school I did, I thought something was going my way just to have it (seemingly) snatched from me, and my frustration with life has just hit a new level (too much to explain and probably too personal for this space).  

Even though this has been my week and I've had solid reasons to have some pretty epic tantrums, I have somehow managed to not be escorted out of the place I work or go into a fit of rage while driving.  But even in this madness, there have been a few bright spots - I was able to have lunch wit…

The Fork

This time of year typically goes one of two ways, if not both ways in the same day - we are experiencing the most wonderful time of the year or we are having the most horrible experience imaginable.  The holidays are no joke.  So many of us are trying to get everything just right - decorations, presents, food, parties, and anything else we feel we have to deal with.  However, we neglect to take care of the most important thing...our own health and sanity!!!

We don't want to admit to it, but the holidays are stressful.  Get past all the pretty lights and wrapping paper and you have the perfect combination of fun, alcohol, and family to set someone over the edge.  Don't believe me?  Well, think about this - some of you barely survived Thanksgiving.  How did I do it?  My parents kept it simple.  How were they able to keep Thanksgiving simple?  Well, they decided to not invite anyone over and decided to keep it just the three of us.  I was absolutely fine with that, especially sinc…