Wednesday, December 28, 2016


As I wind down 2016, I realize one mistake I made at the beginning of the year - even though I corrected it by July.  I didn't really make any goals for this blog.  I just sort of went with it.  It worked well for me, but then I started doing so much, I felt like I needed something to help me stay stable.  After participating in some chats and then having monthly meetings with my manager, I've decided The Plus Diaries needs to have some goals.  Don't worry, the author (me) will have some personal goals, but right now, I want to share some goals with you from The Plus Diaries!  

I started using a bullet journal over the summer.  People use it for various things, especially organization.  However, I found it more useful for me when it came to dealing with my anxiety.  It's still going to be used for that purpose (because I really need it), but it will also be used to help me keep track of my goals.  

Numbers, when it comes to stats, followers, and all that other social media jazz with my blog has never been a huge thing to me.  I wanted my blog to be quality, not quantity and I still plan on this blog being such.  However, I would be telling you the biggest lie if I told you that I wasn't at all concerned with the numbers.  I am concerned with the numbers, but probably not like I should be.  I want to work with brands and most brands tend to work with you only when you have a massive following.  I don't have a massive following, but I put out (in my opinion) great posts!  I'm honest.  I'm real.  I'm myself.  Ok, so I don't have 5000 followers, but the followers I do have are real and not bought.  Moving on...

The two pages I set up to keep track of my numbers are simple, but I like them.  The first page is dedicated to my social media - my twitter, my life in photos (aka instagram), and the facebook page (the newest addition to the #TPD umbrella).  As you can see, I have set some pretty solid goals for next year and I hope to be able to achieve them.  However, I also know it will not be the end of the world if I don't make it.  I will just keep pushing until I make some things happen.  

The next page is a bit unique because it's not really a goal - it's a way for me to see what's going on in my blog.  The highest value on the chart is basically the monthly average from my blog this year.  I figure if I can stay around that number, I am having a pretty awesome blogging 2017.  Plus, if I happen to go over, that will be amazing to see!  Also, we all know I like to take blogging breaks - hopefully, having to meet these goals will keep me from taking so many!  On the other hand, if I feel like I'm getting tired of this whole blogging thing, I will take a break because I never want to hate doing this. 

How do I plan to make this goals happen?  I wish I had a solid answer for you, but I don't.  I do know that I plan on using techniques to help me get my blog out there - setting up tweets, getting more involved in chats, starting my own chat, and making sure I'm staying more in tune with things happening around me.  You are probably wondering how does that last thing fit?  Well, the fact is, everything inspires me, so I need to pay attention to the things happening around me because I never know what I'm going to get to write about (even though I try to keep a schedule).  

I'm looking forward to bigger and better things in The Plus Diaries this year.  I can't wait to start the chat, I cannot wait to have guest hosts for the chat, I cannot wait to do guest spots with other bloggers, and I am just absolutely thrilled about the opportunities that may come my way.  

So, here's to a wonderful 2017 and to all of you reaching your goals.  What is on your list of things to achieve next year?  

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